27 August 2012

Hoodie Allen – Feel The Love

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily

I once tweeted that college was a mixed bag of retarded Skittles. I meant it. My Physics professor I just can’t understand. He’s so freaking Asian (whenever he says “zero” it sounds like he’s saying “gyro,” and I’m like that’s not Physics, that’s food). After class on my way back to my dorm, I saw the worst looking girl possible with her headphones in, singing horribly. I think she had a beard. And at lunch I ran in to the one girl my friend and I set out to avoid this one specific day due to extenuating awkward circumstances. So yeah, I don’t think retarded Skittles actually exist, but they do in college in the form of people. And even though these Skittles are weird tasting and at times, obtusely disproportional body-wise, somebody somewhere loves them. They feel the love, and when you listen to the Rudimental-sampling chorus of this song, maybe you will too.

Really though, RJF killed this beat. Five stars.


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