18 February 2013

Hoodie Allen – Fame Is For Assholes (ft. Chiddy)

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily
Hoodie Allen Crew Cuts

Hoodie Allen brings us “Fame Is For Assholes” this morning, shortly after releasing “Cake Boy” last week. Both are singles off Hoodie’s upcoming mixtape, Crew Cuts.  When we posted “Cake Boy” last week, we heard a bit of feedback from Hoodie fans that it didn’t sound like anything they’d come to expect from Hoodie. One of the things that was said was that it “contradicted the musical style and lyrical content that made him popular.” My perspective on that was that while it wasn’t my favorite Hoodie Allen song either, it was actually brilliant of Hoodie to release that song first, from a marketing perspective. By releasing it first, Hoodie was casting a wide net so that he doesn’t pigeon hole himself as a rapper who only releases very melodic songs with similar lyrical content. I would personally say it was a must for Hoodie.

But today, Hoodie has released “Fame Is For Assholes,” which is much more of a classic Hoodie Allen track. I’m pretty sure everybody who was upset over Cake Boy will forget they were ever upset once they hear this song. It’s got that classic Hoodie bounce, a fun hook, lyrics that’ll make you press pause and go back a few seconds to see if he really just made that connection AND made it rhyme (and the answer is yes, he did), and it even brings Chiddy in for extra appeal. They killed it with this one; it’s an incredibly fun song that’s going to resonate with Hoodie fans old and new. Hit the jump to watch the official music video!

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