31 October 2011

Happy Hallowomp: A Dubstep Celebration

posted by: D Prep New Music Daily

So Halloween’s on a Monday this year, which is kind of a bummer, but that’s no excuse not to have a good time. Here’s a few songs to help you guys get your Hallowomp on.

DJ Bahler – Get Some Brain || Download

Sampling Halloween, The Legend of Zelda, Designer Drugs, and the Bloody Beetroots among others, Bahler throws Three 6’s classic “I’d Rather” acapella to make a crazy Halloween fueled womper. Spooky sample at the beginning, digging it.

Michael Jackson – Thriller (Aylen Remix) || Download

I posted some Aylen the other day, and he just dropped this new one for Halloween. With a crazy, pounding bass line, Aylen mixes just the right amount of high notes from Thriller to make a certifiable club anthem. He just throws down on this song, Aylen’s got crazy potential.

Ghostbusters – Ghostbuster Theme (Mikro Housebrothers VIP Mix) || Download

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters. Everyone loves that shit. Womp.

Urban Assault – Halloween || Download

That piano riff from Halloween scares me to death whenever I hear it. Like, to a strange extent. Gives the heebie jeebies know what I’m sayin? Urban Assault throws some ridiculous drums and synth into this mix and just goes ham.

Beetlejuice – Beetlejuice Theme (Figure Drumstep Mix) || Download

The fact that someone made a dubstep (or “drumstep”) remix of Beetlejuice is hilarious to me. Figure goes all out with the wobbles on this one, using a lot of cool samples from Beetlejuice that remind me of watching that movie back in the day.


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