17 April 2017

Hak Baker – Conundrum

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Hak Baker!

They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and that is the crux of “Conundrum,” the latest single from British singer-songwriter Hak Baker. Over mellow guitar plucks, Baker fondly reminisces on his perfectly¬†imperfect upbringing in east London. What makes this song particularly special is the level of detail offered by Baker, as he effortlessly paints vivid scenes of selling weed (“to make your pocket money bigger”), running from police (“no, we don’t trust them”), and leaving his mom’s place (“I was tired of the beatings”), among other things. It’s¬†a strange type of song that will either have you shedding tears on your keyboard or smiling stupidly to yourself as you remember your own degenerate youth.


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