19 January 2017

Grace Mitchell – Kids (Ain’t All Right)

posted by: Alicia New Music Daily

That feeling of angst may seem like something we left in our teenage years, but let’s be honest, those emotions still come up in our twenties and beyond. So, it’s only fair we have a bit of rage in our music to keep the vibes going. Luckily, we’ve got a pop-rock powerhouse like Grace Mitchell to quench our thirst for edgy sounds. “Kids (Ain’t All Right)” is her latest offering and it has something we haven’t quite seen from the Portland artist yet. We’re used to poppier vibes from her, but she’s taking it to “let’s smash a guitar” level and we’re all about it (and I think we could all use it this week). Check out the angsty anthem, “Kids (Ain’t All Right) below.


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