22 July 2011

Glitch Mob – We Can Make The World Stop

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We Can Make The World Stop epic album art

Earlier this week, LA trio The Glitch Mob dropped their newest EP “We Can Make The World Stop,” contributing yet another excellent edition into their short but groundbreaking musical career. Their 2010 debut album “Drink the Sea” was a landmark in electronic music, creating a glitchy, grimey, bass-heavy electronic style that their new EP refines and expands on in every way. While each of the three new tracks display an equally unique and gripping facet of their style, the title track truly stands out. Combining strings, piano and electronic effects into an ominous and epic symphony of sound, “We Can Make The World Stop” solidifies The Glitch Mob’s standing as an up-and-coming force in the electronic music scene.

MP3: “We Can Make The World Stop” – The Glitch Mob

Album Rating: 8/10

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