22 July 2011

Friday at Five – Music for the Weekend

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Friday at Five

Sometimes I try to think back on when I first heard the word “playlist.” For the life of me, though, I can’t remember. I very vividly remember making mixtapes. Two tape decks, being sure to stay right next to the stereo the entire time so that you pressed stop exactly as the song ended. And I vividly remember when we bought our first “CD Burner,” which was the size of my cable box today and was probably harder to figure out than middle school girls. This time, two CD decks. I remember my sister had written out the instructions on a piece of paper, and even in small handwriting, it took up the entire page. If you made one mistake, your CD was a bust and you had to start all over again. Playlist, though; there’s no vivid memory there. It’s as if iTunes magically swept into my life and the day it did, there was no surprise, no wonder, just acceptance at what was going to be the best thing ever in life. (Well, until Spotify hit the States…which I’m still trying to learn the ropes of. So call me out in 15 years when I say I don’t remember ever having a Spotify learning curve.)

These days, playlists are second nature. They’re part of life! What would my iPod be if not for playlists? Good God, I guess I’d have to ask it to pick from a 5-digit number of songs and those would be what would be on my iPod. That could be disastrous. My iTunes is messier than my bedroom, which says a lot. Playlists shape my weekends, my road trips, my nights where I’m sure I’ll see the sun rise before catching an ounce of sleep…they’re everywhere in my life. I hope that these Friday at Five posts can help build your weekend playlists and be a vehicle for fun times, memories, and forgotten actions. That, after all, is what I’m here for.

1. MP3: Reptar – “Stuck in My Id”

This song might confuse you at first. But I can promise you that once you get into it, you wont want to turn it off. I’m going to write an EP review of this entire Reptar collection this weekend, but to give you a hint – these guys might be the new Vampire Weekend. THAT good.

2. MP3: Mike Posner – “Shut Up” (ft. Rusko)

Mike Posner takes a bit of a different turn with this track. Pairing up with Rusko immediately means you’re getting ready to do something fun, but Mike surprised me with his tempo and style here. It’s definitely a good party track.

3. MP3: Jonquil – “Get Up”

I discovered this song while playing on Turntable FM and I haven’t been able to stop listening since. It’s not a rager song, it’s more a fun track that might get people bouncing a little bit. Either way, I think your weekend could use a bit of this hop.

4. MP3: M83 – “Midnight City”

I’m not really sure what electronic music is becoming, and when screeching noises like this became cool and/or fun to listen to, but somewhere along the line, just like the magical arrival of playlists, it must have. M83 are frontrunners in the game of great electronic music, and this newest track of theirs is no exception.

5. “Ice Cream” (Ft. Matias Aguayo) – Battles

Ice Cream (Featuring Matias Aguayo) by BATTLES

Battles is giving us another track that’s a little bit less of a rager track, but will certainly put some heat in your weekend. The singing on this track makes me feel like confetti is going to come streaming out of my ears. FUN.


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