27 July 2015

Fort Lean – Easily

posted by: Grant New Music Daily
Indie band Fort Lean

Brooklyn’s Fort Lean has been on our radar for a while now. The five-piece band has a freewheeling, care-free quality that is rare in today’s indie rock scene, and it makes their music incredibly easy to connect with.

They’re also one of the hardest working new acts out there. In addition to Quiet Day, their album dropping on Oct. 2 via Ooh La La Records, Fort Lean has an EP titled New Hobbies that will be available solely at independent record stores and at the group’s tour stops.

“Easily,” which is the latest track to debut off New Hobbies, is more stripped down and relaxed than some of their other work, but still has their trademark sunniness and excellent guitar work.

The song is a wistful ode to the better days of a relationship, but despite the sad subject matter it’s hard for such a joyful band to get too down.

Even as Keenan Mitchell belts on the hook, “I don’t really wanna make you sick, and you don’t really wanna know/Maybe we’re just going at a different pace and we sped the tempo,” the track’s bubbly synths and pounding drums keep your head-nodding all the while.

Young the Giant is a comparison that gets thrown around a lot with Fort Lean, and on a thoughtful, catchy track like “Easily” it isn’t hard to see why.


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