03 October 2011

Eric Holljes – Good in my Hood [iPad Face Dance Video]

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily
Eric Holljes Good in my Hood

Eric Holljes, a member of a recent favorite, Delta Rae, and a professional songwriter, wrote this song “Good in my Hood” years ago, and every time I hear it, it brings me straight back to my senior year in college, at an outdoor campus festival. It was pouring rain and Eric and his brother Ian had the stage. What better atmosphere for Eric to start playing “Good in my Hood,” one of my favorites of his, and to hear his voice beating out the strong gusts of wind and powerful rain was a true testament to the first-class singer that Eric has proved himself to be. None of us has umbrellas or rain boots – just as the song tells us is the best way to go. It was messy, it was wet, but it was memorable and decorated in colorful sound.

Eric made a video for this song previously, but he’s out with a new version, by the same director, another Duke graduate, Lawrence Chen. Talk about a creative thinker – using Apple FaceTime to create a music video. This is just the promo release – the full video is coming our way on October 24th. Can’t wait!


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