26 April 2012

Electric Guest – Mondo (Album Review)

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electric guest

If I had to tab one artist under the “Will Blow Up Over Summer” label, Electric Guest would be on the receiving end of my vote, no question. (Well dammit, then you’ve got Reptar). Either way, there’s no doubt both are incredibly worthy, and unfortunately my awards mean NOTHING. Anyhoo… I digress.

The Los Angeles duo comprised of Asa Tacone & Matthew Compton have succeeded in setting the bar high with their debut album Mondo. The ten song album somehow finds a way to cruise along with ease, as each song possesses a unique little something that some would call the “intangibles.” After multiple plays through the album the leading candidates for my personal favorite tracks are “Troubleman”, “Awake”, “This Head I Hold,” & “Amber” (Those would be in no particular order).

Oh, and did I mention this album was produced by the legendary Danger Mouse? You know these dude’s are good when I get this far into a review and have not dropped the legendary Danger Mouse’s name. Typically, I feel when music tends to become “produced” it loses some of that raw / natural sound that’s inherent of the band’s overall vibe. Although it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what Electric Guest’s “sound” is, it is relatively clear that they resemble a funky indie pop group tangled with a folksy almost 70′s-ish vibe. Very cool stuff if you ask me.

I’m not sure there’s anything better than coming across a young new band that manages to woo you with their sweet, simple melodies? Electric Guest manages to do just that, but before we get too stoked on them, let’s take a look at some of the highlights as well as “low-lights” from their first album.

The record leads off with a synth heavy robotic sounding track in “Holes.” They opted to not start the album with a banger, and “Holes” manages to float along leaving you curious as to what to expect next.

The next track titled “This Head I Hold,” you may have already heard. It comes right out and grabs your attention with the upbeat catchy vocals. I always have said this song would go great in that next new Apple product commercial, and who knows? With all the attention Electric Guest will be receiving in the near future, it’s certainly not a long-shot.

After “This Head I Hold,” there were a few songs I personally found to get a little squished together and do not stand out as well compared to some others, if you know what I mean? To give you an idea these tracks would be “Amber,” “The Bait” & “Waves.” Not trying to say they are not “good,” in fact they are quite unique in their own right. They just won’t be seeing as much action on my iTunes, I guess is what I’m trying to say.

Then “Troubleman” comes along at track #8. All I have to say is WOW! Very impressed at this behemoth of a track coming in just under 9 minutes. It shows some serious elements of folk music, in fact almost country sounding in a way, yet it’s intertwined with a distinct electro sound that really makes this song stand out. A definite must listen.

The funky beats and bubbly bass lines throughout this record will undoubtedly get your head noddin’ if not dancing all around the room. Many artists these days are attempting to imitate this indie pop sound, yet few manage to stand out. I highly suggest Electric Guest and everything they have to offer. Definitely a fresh breath of air from what we’ve heard lately.

I think you’ll want to give this album a try. So, turn this one up and cheers to warm weather! Enjoy, my friends.

Album Rating: 7.5 / 10







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