15 November 2015

Budo – An Elderly Woman Named Jeff

posted by: George New Music Daily

This young up and comer was introduced to me as a grammy nominated collaborator of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. My interest was peaked immediately, seeing as I am a huge fan of these two artists. I expected loud poppy hooks and RnB influenced themes – what I heard was nothing of the sort. I immediately recognized touches of Flying Lotus and even Radiohead in the mix.

My favourite part of the song comes in at 2:23, when it slows down into a piano breakdown that builds up immediately into an experimental smorgasbord of eclectic instrumentation and tasteful musicianship – NOT exactly what I expected from this, at all! Looking forward to more interesting sounds from this guy, for sure.

Here’s what Budo himself had to say about the production:

“An Elderly Woman Named Jeff is a battle cry. It is a shout to the heavens, a statement of purpose, and a thing of odd beauty. I haven’t released new solo music in over 2 years. Jeff is a song that celebrates a new direction, a new beginning, and a new way forward. This is independent music, made by me, for you. I humbly ask that, if you like it, you share it with your friends, family, co-workers, children, neighbors, and elderly companions.” – Budo



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