14 August 2015

Elderbrook – Good Enough

posted by: Grant New Music Daily
British singer-producer Elderbrook

It’s rare to hear a producer-vocalist who presides over his music with as much nuance and control as England’s Elderbrook. His tracks boast some of the same pleasing minimalism as Jamie Woon or early Jungle, and “Good Enough,” the latest from his Travel Slow EP, plays up everything we’ve come to appreciate about this modern wave of electronic music.

Perhaps it’s his commanding baritone, reminiscent of those old grizzled country singers who can ramble an entire verse before realizing they haven’t sung one note, that makes the track such a standout. Elderbrook’s voice is smoother and gentler, but its consistency and restraint allows him to craft a wonderfully varied soundscape around it that is at once shimmering and dark.

The most striking element of “Good Enough” is the space that each aspect of the song is given. You can feel the lingering pop of a finger snap, or pick apart each layer of the gorgeously percussive backup harmonies as you see fit. You can go whole listens without even noticing the glimmering guitar that comes in and out before realizing it might be the most essential element there.

For a 21-year-old musician, Elderbrook has a tremendous understanding of his strengths and how to subvert the expectations of the listener.

“Be There Soon,” the EP’s first single, is equally impressive in its own right, and might have more crossover appeal for its synths and uptempo feel, but the record flow perfectly into one another, and that’s a testament to Elderbrook’s dynamism.

Travel Slow is out on August 21st, and it stands as one of the more unique and immersive releases from a new artist of the summer.


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