24 November 2012

El Perro Del Mar – Pale Fire

posted by: Ann New Music Daily

Two days after Thanksgiving, you may or may not still be in a food coma. If you are (or are just looking for some new tunes), I’d highly suggest the chill vibes of El Perro Del Mar, the musical alter ego of Swede Sarah Assbring. El Perro’s fifth album, Pale Fire, dropped about two weeks ago.

Pale Fire has the slightly melancholy taste of Beach House, with the funkiness of Body Language or Washed Out, and the moody vocals of Little Dragon. When done badly, the whole ethereal, echoing sound can actually feel heavy and sluggish. But El Perro Del Mar achieves the perfect balance of musical ingredients, making the album simultaneously relaxing and engaging. I promise this will be a good way to finish off your Slapsgiving weekend.

Best tracks: “Hold off the Dawn,” “Love in Vain,” “I Was a Boy”


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