09 February 2012

Earl Sweatshirt – Home

posted by: Jordan New Music Daily

Just as D Prep speculated¬†last week, Earl Sweatshirt has officially returned. He’s now caught up on social networks! Twitter & Tumblr.¬†Earl tweeted that if he got 50k followers tonight on Twitter, he’d give us the full version to the snippet he dropped earlier today, which you can view here.

He hit 50k about 10 minutes ago and has given us the full version of his brand new track called “Home.”

Update: Tyler The Creator had some strange tweets yesterday. Arjun pointed this out to me and leaves us both questioning if Tyler is upset that maybe Earl is going on to do his own thing? Does Tyler have #whitegirlproblems? Is this Odd Future trolling their fans? Did something already happen with Earl? We can only play the waiting game to see what will happen with the return of Earl.

“And I’m back. Bye.”


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