28 August 2013

[Download MP3] Zak Waters – Penelope (Radio Edit)

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Zak Waters!

I have really started to feel disconnected with some of the new music being released today. I used to go to the same five sites to get my music. Now, I scroll through the old reliable Hype Machine and cannot recognize the top five songs. It’s terrible. This sort of musical renaissance is part of the reason why I am heading up the Sunset Selections project and continuing to dig deep through the Internet to find new music that interests me. And maybe, in some sort of backwards way, that means reconnecting with radio songs. Take this song “Penelope” by Zak Waters. It’s sort of silly and sort of cliché–but it makes me feel good, which is more than I can say for most of the songs being blogged about these days. I’m serious. If I hear another person mumble the same five words for three minutes over a downtempo, electronic beat, I will flip my shit.



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