14 August 2013

[Download MP3] Netherfriends – Jams In The Road (ft. Jams Dean)

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

I’ve probably listened to this new track from Netherfriends and Jams Dean at least 8 times since yesterday. It’s got that catchy beat from Netherfriends and Jams Dean has a simple, relaxed flow on top of it that references amusing topics including selfies, Principal Belding, and Alanis Morissette. Like…this isn’t even great rapping. Most times I would probably hate this shit. But it’s too good because it bounces over that beat too easily. It’s just so simple. And so is the music video. I’m not going to include that because it really is shit, and actually just takes away from the fun little tune that I’ve become addicted to over the past 24 hours. Go watch it for yourself if you really care.

Also, if you were like me and wondering who the heck Jams Dean is and where he came from, just know this: he’s from Chicago and his rap skills aren’t anything too notable. If they do suddenly become fantastic, I’ll update yall. For now, this song is his only one really worth listening to.

Lord god please help me, every picture that I take is a selfie


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