06 February 2015

[Download MP3] Jon Waltz – I’m Lonely

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Jon Waltz!

This is Jon Waltz‘s best song, which is super ideal because it’s also his most recent release. After dropping the fantastic Alyss EP last October, the Memphis native has been quiet. Aside from a show-stopping verse on BROCKHAMPTON artist Matt Champion’s 9-minute odyssey “Burn” (below), there has been no output from Waltz–until now.

“I’m Lonely” is Waltz’s best song mostly because it doesn’t sound like anyone else. He has achieved the most important thing an artist can achieve, and that is find his sound.

Talking to Complex’s wonderful Lauren Nostro about the song, Waltz said:

Really it reminds me of this girl that I got a teddy bear for last year, but she started messing around with somebody else, that’s why that voicemail from my engineer, Paul, is in there. The concept of it is being around a significant other, but they’re scared to open up because they’ve been broken down so much, but they’re still a blast to be around. Just that playful romanticizing between a boy and a girl when you’re discovering each other.


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