21 August 2013

[Video + MP3] G-Eazy – Been On

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New G-Eazy!

Everyone making music tries so desperately to be interesting, and only a few actually are interesting. With his past few tracks especially, SITR favorite¬†G-Eazy has been running the boards on every type of track possible. His song with Skizzy Mars (“Pay for You”) delves into a relationship with a rich girl offering to pay for the guy. His other new track “I Don’t Believe You” is about a girl pretending to be drunk just to get with G. It’s these unique song ideas and perspectives that keeps his songs interesting. “Been On” is no different. Here, Gerald takes the standard “I’m the shit” rap and puts his own hazy spin on it.

Also, this joint was produced by Christoph Andersson, who I think has a big role on G-Eazy’s new album, so shout out to him.


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