01 June 2015

[Download Mixtape] Cousin Stizz – Suffolk County

posted by: Arjun Mixtapes | New Music Daily
New Cousin Stizz!

Everybody probably has that one friend who gets the aux chord by default during every turn up function. I’m that friend in my friend group, and everyone I have introduced Cousin Stizz to has fucked with him. I played “Bonds” in the car with my brother, who I’m not super close with, and the chorus (“Ain’t no bond stronger than me and my money”) got stuck in both of our heads and became a recurring joke between us. There’s something about Stizz’s laidback delivery that appeals to the average person. He just sounds like a guy rapping. Like he’s so good at rapping and his flow is so smooth that it seems like he’s not even trying. It’s so blasĂ© and cool and repetitive and addictive. And if you thought “Shoutout” was a fluke, it’s not. I’m halfway through the tape, and it is all bangers.

Suffolk County is about to soundtrack every house party in my small town this summer.



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