17 July 2015

[Download Mixtape] Allday – Soft Grunge Love Rap

posted by: Arjun Mixtapes | New Music Daily
New Allday!

Allday (born Tom Gaynor) is a rapper from Adelaide, South Australia, who now resides in Melbourne. You may remember him from the Skizzy Mars remix or the original version of his single “You Always Know the DJ” from his previous album Startup Cult. Yesterday, he released the stream of his brand new mixtape Soft Grunge Love Rap via Nylon, and today, he has put out the free download for everyone to enjoy.

Soft Grunge Love Rap is a straightforward collection of 7 really solid songs that share a similar vibe. There is no big, overarching theme behind the tape. It is just this Australian guy, who recently signed a global record deal with Wind-Up Records and has this rare opportunity to make major waves in the U.S. market, trying to make the best music he possibly can.

In 2011, Gaynor was the runner up at the RAW Comedy national final. You can view his stand-up here. His comedy delivery is laid-back and very dry. His punchlines often take you completely by surprise. I would argue he raps using a very similar delivery. Much like his punchlines, his songs will throw you off guard: a new melody or flow will develop out of nothing or he will say something so clever you need to take a second to appreciate it. Or he will stop the track entirely with a hilarious aside — like at the 0:53 mark of “No Better” when he sort of takes a left turn into global politics and briefly discusses the general neutrality of the Swiss people and I guess, touches on the global forces at play currently in central Europe.

Click here to watch his video series “Chubby Chronicles.” The videos are really entertaining and take you behind the scenes with Allday and his crew.

Stream and download Soft Grunge Love Rap below.



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