10 February 2012

Domo Genesis – Ground Up feat. Wiz Khalifa

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Domo Genesis – Ground Up feat. Wiz Khalifa || Download

Ah, the magic that can happen when two stoners combine forces. It’s not exactly a surprise that Wiz and Domo “Mr. Smoke a Lot of Pot” Genesis love their marijuana, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that these two finally came together to make some music.

There was potential for a slight beef when Wiz released his album “Rolling Papers” after Domo had already released his “Rolling Papers” mixtape, but the two have apparently put it in their past.

It’s really cool seeing Wolf Gang members starting to work with bigger names, and this is definitely a trend that will continue…I, for one, am completely anticipating some work between Tyler and Kanye. Call it a longshot–I call it inevitable. Kanye loves pushing buttons and pushing boundaries, and Tyler is clearly well rehearsed in those two departments.

Can you imagine the kind of shit they’d put out together? Sound off in the comments if you foresee any other upcoming collaborations with OF members, and let me know how you feel about Domo working with Wiz.

Can’t be a king if you’ve got a castle made of sand/ I take it bit by bit, I’m gonna make it stand/ These niggas never had a chance/ Snowball effect, keep it rollin’ make it avalanche

Cardo on the beat.

Taylor Gang. Wolf Gang. Baw baw baw.


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