01 May 2012

DJ Carnage – Loaded Remix (feat. G Eazy)

posted by: D Prep New Music Daily

This is about to be the JAM. Every now and then I need some of that ignorance to bump and this fills that role perfectly. For those of you unaware of Sir Carnage, he’s homies with Theo London and has produced for the likes of Theophilus himself, Kreayshawn, A$AP Rocky, and others, most recently known for the Theo x A$AP collaboration “Big Spender.”

He dropped a video for Loaded a while back which I was disappointed with because it was so short and there was no MP3 to download. But I played it on YouTube over and over again, dancing around cooking wonton soup for days.

Now, I get an extended version with Sunset favorite G-Eazy on it? Why thank you, bartender, that’s exactly what I’d like. Both Young Gerald and DJ Carnage are about to blow up. I’m calling a twitter verification for both of ’em by September.

I Be Stayin One Hunned/ Vans On, My Pockets Chunky (Stupid Chunky)

DJ Carnage – Loaded (feat. G Eazy) || Download


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