05 April 2017

Clement Bazin- Distant

posted by: Molly New Music Daily
Clement Bazin- Distant

One of my absolute favorite things about music is its ability to transport you to a very specific moment in time, to a very specific feeling. Beyond that, I love how a song, when played the right context, can completely transform in meaning or value to you.¬†“Distant”, by Clement Bazin is one of those songs for me. This was a track¬†that made it through my hurried initial listen of new music Friday, earmarked for a complete listen at a later time. It is a track that I continued to overlook as a part of the under-appreciated soundtrack that plays in the background of my daily work grind. But it wasn’t until an early morning drive up to Tahoe, with the sunRISE in the rearview, that I fell hard for the groovy, feel-good vibes of “Distant”. I’m excited to have a song that will forever transport me to that epic drive, and also to see what is to come for Parisian producer Clement Bazin and featured artist Lia.

Sunset fam, I’m having a serious moment with this song and I would love for you to join me in that moment. Earmark this one for your next road trip or adventure, you won’t regret it.


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