08 June 2011

CL Sosa – Whiskey in the glass

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

When I first heard CL Sosa, I wasn’t sure what to think. It sounded…dare I say…different.

Looking back, I tell myself that I’m lucky to be hearing something that sounds different. So much of music today sounds the same. Indie music is all pretending to be recorded on analog technology. The rest of the indie music seemed to get snatched up by frat rap artists, flipped, and spit out in voices of white men that all sound the same. The closest thing I can describe CL Sosa to is Kid Cudi, I suppose. His voice is nothing like Cudder’s. The production on his tracks, though, is diverse and has very intriguing instrumental with heavy beats, but it’s really the content that causes the similarity. Sosa tends to rap about being lonely, smoking, drinking, doing drugs, and at times toys with the idea of overdosing. There’s a line between intriguing and alarming that neither Cudder nor Sosa seem to cross. They keep it enjoyable enough that it’s relatable, in ways, and doesn’t quite make you think this kid really needs help. It’s something we’ve all felt – heartbreak leading to sadness, sadness leading to drinking, drinking leading to not giving a fuck.

MP3: “Whiskey in the glass” – CL Sosa

On top of all of this, Sosa has a voice like nobody else out there right now. Are there areas that he could fine tune? Sure; there are with a lot of other artists, too. But is he onto something? Absolutely. This song is taken off his mixtape, And then everything turned to grey, which is filled with 11 tracks similar to this one. I highly recommend checking out more of his music here.


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