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Kings of the Brushwood Thicket – He Was A Man

Kings alter

Mysterious Jamaica, Queens outfit Kings of the Brushwood Thicket deliver clean retro pop on debut single “He Was A Man”. The elusive group provide little background info but have a lot going for them; Bowie-esque vocals, strong melodic hooks and well executed songwriting. This is all on display on “He Was A Man” which utilizes little more than some rumbling timpani and a jangly guitar to convey lead singer Bruce Brauer’s dashed dreams of conformity. How they manage to conjure up the freewheeling magic vibes of ELO is beyond me, but it is another well deserved reference for their brand of satisfying folk pop. Kings of the Brushwood Thicket will be dropping their full length album, The Lies You Leave Behind, May 5th – pre-order here.

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[Premiere] Elseware – Drifted

New Elseware!

You may remember Elseware from their whimsical, almost Bleachers-esque debut “Anxious.” The duo now has a follow-up track that I think is a much better song. “Drifted” has this darkness and depth and heat to it that was missing from “Anxious.” It feels like a more fully realized track with its beat switches, rap verse, and seamless transitions — almost like the making of it was a project in itself.

I met you freshman year, I was too afraid to talk to you.


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SAINT WKND – Positive Vibe


When I think Germany, I don’t necessarily think “bouncy, awesome beats made simultaneously for sunny days and late nights at the club. This fresh young producer fell into my lap (inbox) recently and I’ve honestly been killing his remixes ever since. Anyone who remixes Chet Faker is good in my books, basically. SAINT WKND is killing it these days.

Another good aspect of this tune is that you can purchase it now via Beatport – throw this heater into your DJ set for sure.

“I wrote that track in the early spring days in 2014. I was messing around with my synth and damn. It just went with the flow. I really loved the message of  positive vibes ya know?“ This sound is not meant to be dead serious. It’s a sound reflecting on those beach days, just simply having a good day.


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Years and Years – Worship


British electronic trio Years and Years are reviving 90s house one great track at a time. Coming of the heels of their last single, “King,”  Y&Y announced their forthcoming album titled “Communion” and also shared their latest cut dubbed “Worship.”

“Worship” finds Olly once again crooning about love, melding together religious themes and romantic desires. Of course, it’s all backed by an infectious beat with soaring synths and poppy production.

Stream the jam below.

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The Five Best Dance Songs of the Week

Best Dance Songs

“I may not dance your dances or speak your language. But be a blessing to somebody. That’s what I think.”
-Maya Angelou

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SPOTLIGHT: Wet Paint [Future Funk/Electro Soul]

Wet Paint Future Funk

What’s up guys?

This jam showed up in my feed today, and I’ve gotta say – I’m hooked. The thirsty thursday blues has been quenched. PLUS it’s almost Friday and I’m pretty stoked to have another jam to add to my weekend collection! For fans of Griz, Odesza, Pretty Lights, etc.!

Aside from this, they’ve got quite the awesome collection of bangers that I’m sure won’t be getting tired of the sound anytime soon.  Of course, I also love how they offer up their collection for free download, as well!

Check out their new website, and enjoy the jams:

“Wet Paint is a vibrant electro/funk duo that have been tearing shit up since day one. Conceived in the summer of 2012 in Montreal, Wet Paint have evolved their sound turning over many hit remixes including Frank Ocean, Purity Ring, the Black Keys, and more.

After a season of sharing the stage with some of their favourite acts including Gramatik, Lunice, Torro Torro and Viceroy, they’re in the studio preparing their next release.

Smooth grooves and layered bass are first on the agenda at their live shows; with the recent addition of a live drums AND guitar to spice up the mix, it’s only a matter of time before they’re on the road to promote their newest releases set to drop in April, 2015. ”



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The NYC duo that have been taking over the tropical house scene are back!

The Golden Pony

My favourite NYC based funky house duo The Golden Pony have some upcoming tour announcements, including tour dates, etc. – but first and foremost – they’ve made a few of my favourite jams FREE for download! They’ve even remixed “Ms. Jackson”. You don’t have to review their discography of bootlegs and remixes for very long before you realize that these guys have good taste – seeing them in the club must be like a nostalgic trip.

Check out these flashback remixes!

The Golden Pony pays Homage to one of Hip hops greatest producers with their remix of “Forgot About Dre”. The Duo states that beside Dre’s knack for funky beats and a hooky chorus, they appreciate the longevity of the only man to have produced #1 Hip Hop tracks over 3 decades: NWA in the 80′s, Snoop/Dre in the 90′s, and Eminem in the 00′s . “Dre was the reason I started making music” say Timothy, one half of the TGP. “It was a rap duo, working with a toy record player”. “We formed during elementary school after friend and i listened to N.W.A’s “Straight Outta Compton” 1000 times in a row. “I think Thomas must have picked up some psychic connection through our afro’s when he selected the Acapella and said he have to remix it!”

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Abby Diamond – Love To Watch You Leave


Spring is blossoming, the sun is shining, and there’s nothing better than feel good music to accompany the times. Abby Diamond is a rising star from San Francisco and she’s here to reel us in with her tenderly beautiful style. “Love To Watch You Leave” is just one of many to come from Miss Diamond, but it’s one that should not be passed by. It’s chill and infused with an effortlessly cool r&b sound. If you’re into artists like Jessie Ware, Abby Diamond is the one to watch. Tomorrow is the release date of her new EP and it’s sure to only be the first of her many wonderful works. For now, check out her already released tunes on her soundcloud which can be found below.


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Beach Baby- Ladybird

"Ladybird" album cover

I recently ran into Beach Baby’s debut single, “Ladybird”, and it has the perfect vibe for a pre-summer track. Riding a calm instrumental, the group flexes some veteran-like muscles in order to create a laid back yet still energetic feel throughout the song.

The vocals in this track are just about perfect for the instrumental; with the accompanying “oohs” in the background adding to the laid back feel while the retro sounding guitar work adds a nostalgic undertone to the overall sound.


“Ladybird” sounds like that week during summer where you and your friends literally did nothing at all- and completely loved it. I could imagine this song in a montage of a coming of age movie where the main character has some major realization. I dunno, it just makes sense.

Follow Beach Baby on Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud!

-Kyle Copier

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[Music Video] Jazz Cartier – New Religion

[Music Video] Jazz Cartier - New Religion

As I’ve said before, I’m always here for some new Jazz Cartier. And, finally, we have the video for his recent single, “New Religion.” The track originally dropped just a few hours before Drake famously dropped his If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late album, and I’ve  been listening to it track just as much. The Fantavious Fritz-directed video finds Jacuzzi running through the Six, sans woes, and keeping the turn up confined to the living room. Check out the video, and come back here for Jazz’s Marauding In Paradise, due this April.

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Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk (The Noisy Freaks ft. Andrew Hunt Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 2.46.40 PM


I feel like I’ve been waiting for this tune for a really long time. I’ve been following the Noisy Freaks for quite a while, now – probably about three years – but this has definitely topped most productions that I’ve heard thus far. Airy funk grooves, in combination with thick electro bass, creates an energetic anthem style banger that I’d rinse not only in a DJ set, but also on my iPod – for sure.


Check it our for yourself:

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Memoryy – Young Oblivion

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 5.09.40 PM

New in my inbox this morning was an interesting piece by young NYC native Shaun Hettinger aka Memoryy – multi instrumentalist and pop aficionado with another epic indie/ectronic hybrid of a jam for fans of Promise Ring, Teen Daze, etc. I’ve got a lot of love for this rising artist.

I’m actually surprised that this young man hasn’t been signed to Arbutus Records or anything. Maybe he should just move to Montreal and get it over with. Let this jam uplift your soul as we move toward a bright and sunny springtime festival season!

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