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Lostboycrow – C’est La Vie


Lostboycrow continues to put out melodic, and somewhat genre bending music that is hard not to love. “C’est La Vie” is no different as he moves forward with taking over the LA music scene. “C’est La Vie” means that’s life in french (in case you weren’t aware or are smarter than me. Thanks Google!).

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High Rule – Thirsty


High Rule is back again with their infectious track, “Thirsty.” Keeping the momentum rolling in the right direction, group members Seis and Buoy continue to stay in your head with yet another catchy hook. A take on playing hard to get, “Thirsty” will be hard to get out of your head. High Rule is 3/3 since their debut.

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Made in Heights – Pop It In 2


Made in Heights are the definition of catchy mixed with a slight dash of trippy cool. This time around they’ve got a track to expose to the world called “Pop It In 2″. Although it may start out slightly silly, the serious beat and mesmerizing sound is too serious to ignore. It’s on their new album “Without My Enemy What Would I Do” which is out today for everyone to check out. This track is most likely just one of many must-hears of Made in Height’s fresh tunes, but get the first taste below.


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Jaymes Young & Phoebe Ryan – We Won’t


Jaymes Young collaborates with Phoebe Ryan, the voice behind the popular Ignition/Drugs cover, to bring “We Won’t.” Combining the soothing vocals of both over a soft electronic backdrop creates this affectionate tune that should easily win you over. This is great in every way possible. Check it out below!

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Kill Them With Colour X Notorious BIG – Roll Wit Em

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.05.42 AM

One more Biggie remix couldn’t hurt, could it? I think not! Kill Them With Colour dropped a silky flip of a classic and of course they killed it. I think it’s a great idea to remix songs that people will recognize and ideally sing along to at live shows.

Airing out a dark tropical hip-hop/slow-house vibe, the tune is definitely unique in it’s sound, and rhythm. Perfect for bouncing along down the street on summer nights.

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ØRKA – phantom


Move over Bon Iver, we’ve got a new hauntingly beautiful pop artist in town.

Not really, but I really do enjoy this track. Banjo and acoustic guitar wash over a low-fi white noise laden beat. Warm vocals glow overtop of this atmospheric tune, perfect for those hazy summer days.

I love it when artists strip their music down to the core elements – electronic music these days so busy. This talented artist really takes it back to the basics, which I love.

Check it out!

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Dornik – Drive


Dornik, the London-based artist, has been releasing solid track after solid track for the last year. He first grabbed listeners’ attention with his mysterious, catchy jam “Something About You” and now he’s released his latest gem to the collection. “Drive” is smooth, catchy, and brings its own special r&b vibe. Dornik will be sure to have everyone groovin’ and wanting more. Check out the addicting single below.



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Kulkid & Ed Sheeran – CoCo (Day Version)


Kulkid and Ed Sheeran today with an amazing remix of CoCo, the viral hit about cocaine. It’s pretty funny to hear Ed Sheeran yell “bacon soda, I got Bacon soda” but it’s also an epic tune all around.

Some interesting house/future vibes going on here – I’ve been following Kulkid for a while now and I’m definitely pleasantly surprised at this beauty turn of events.

It’s also available for free download here.

“36, that’s a kilo”.



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TÂCHES – Prints Of Whales (Ft. PB Kaya)

This mysterious young producer brings the vibes, all the time.

The king of underground tech-house is back with another blazingly catchy DJ friendly heater of a tune – made with a beautiful sense of composition and a wonderful melody, the way good house music should be. This mysterious young producer brings the vibes, all the time.

You may remember the name from the remix of ZHU that he released not too long ago; I must say that I’m very pleased to hear more from him, even though it’s been a while since the last release.

Dig it:

From the artist himself:

“Give a little ♥ on Hypem

Here’s a new one that took 14 million years to complete due to poor wifi connections and getting hungry every hour. Shoutout to Prince Charles.

Pip pip old bean.”


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Potatohead People – Luv Ya (Exmag Remix)


I feel bad for people that haven’t heard about the Exmag crew – but at the same time I’m so glad that they’ve linked up with Montreal’s finest in this jizz-jazz hell of a banger. After having the privilege of seeing Exmag a couple of times in Illinois this past month, I’ve come to the conclusion that they kick some serious ass. It was when I randomly asked Mike if he had heard of Potatohead People from Montreal that he responded “yeah, we just finished a remix for them”. My jaw dropped and I became a true fan for life.

Check it out now:

Also be sure to catch their most recent full length release with BRANX here.

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The Chainsmokers – Let You Go (The Golden Pony Remix)

The Golden Pony | Sunset in the Rearview

New Yorks finest are back with a bang. The Golden Pony are known for their driving beats and mind melting catchy-ness; this jam is sure to light up clubs all summer long. iPod feeling a bit dry? Grab the free download – I can’t speak enough about how much I appreciate artists putting their hard work up for free, when literally hours of work goes into it – these guys are consistent on that front, as well. Make sure you check out their library of rad tunes! I might just be a fan-boy, but I can’t express how down I am with this tune.

What’s better is the boys’ note at the bottom of their Soundcloud upload – I love little personal details like this:

“We met the Chainsmokers 3 years ago when they Dj’d a warehouse party we threw in Brooklyn. They played for $500, which at the time was about half their normal rate….. I imagine now that wouldn’t buy us an autograph! (just kidding) We really loved their latest song “Let You Go”, so we reached out for the acapella to do a remix, and here it is!”

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YONAS – Live It Up


YONAS drops the first single off of his upcoming EP, Going Places. “Live It Up” is a typical YONAS joint around this time of the year. A radio friendly, summer anthem, that serves up a nice lil dose of what YONAS can do. Below is the video shot on Venice Beach, as well as, the soundcloud link!


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