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[Stream + Lyrics] R.LUM.R – Tell Me


Nashville is deep rooted in soulful singer songwriters, and R.LUM.R represents a new wave from that historic tree. On his latest cut, “Tell Me”, RLUMR combines lush electronic elements with his intimate and breathy vocals to splendid results. It’s an honest and vulnerable track that is guised behind its tight and upbeat production, which is a good thing. Looking forward to hearing more from this guy as he continues to heat up!

Stream “Tell Me” below and hit the jump for the lyrics.

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Roosevelt – Colours


We aren’t constantly hearing about big music names from Germany, so it’s crucial that German artists really bring it when they’re getting their name out to the world. Germany has some gems and Roosevelt is on his way to making that clear. Roosevelt is the moniker of Cologne, Germany-based producer Marius Lauber, who’s prepping to release his debut album in August. “Colours” is a total dance track with some slight 80s vibes and comparable to the sounds of another funky band, Friendly Fires. So basically, if you’re craving indie-rock sprinkled with electronic, this will be your next obsession. Check out “Colours” below and keep an eye out for the self-titled debut from Roosevelt, out at the end of the summer.

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Youngr – Out Of My System

Taken from Youngr's facebook

For those of you graduating soon, sizing up finding a job and the like, and looking to have a good time before you have to learn about the real world, Youngr’s new track “Out Of My System” is the perfect backing song for your “trip with friends to some other country” montage video. Or anything else, really.

Glowing synths open up an electro pop beat bursting with whirring sounds and deep bass where Youngr finds himself reflecting on the time he has to live the fun parts of life before he has to “go buy a shirt and tie”. Mellow vocals support the tone of the record which at times comes across as a conversation in Youngr’s own head and becomes a wise bit of advice to those in his similar situation. Where “Out Of My System” really works is in the way the vocals stay within the confines of the beat. There are no forced “big” vocal moments on the track, only methodical sound choices that fit perfectly together with the overall record. In the end, all that remains are spot on vocals, an attention grabbing beat, and a push of the replay button.

Listen to “Out Of My System” here:


-Kyle Copier

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Bo Rocha – Hold My Gaze

Bo Rocha

Bo Rocha had heads turning last year with her slick track “Tangerine Flake” and now she’s returned with another smooth tune. “Hold My Gaze” is more of a slow jam, but it definitely doesn’t lack any of the edginess that we saw with “Tangerine Flake”. Although her debut track definitely had hints of Lana Del Rey influence, she makes it clear that she is capable of much more than that particular sound. “Hold My Gaze” is another dimension of what Bo Rocha can do. There’s a fusion of power and tenderness within the track which makes it especially gorgeous. Bo Rocha doesn’t just make pop, she makes pop with feeling and rawness.

Check out Bo Rocha’s latest piece of art, “Hold My Gaze”, below and keep an eye out for more from this London-based gem.

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Felix Snow – Lies (ft. SZA)

felix snow - sza

Felix Snow knows how to get the people dancing, and he doesn’t disappoint on his newest tune “Lies” with vocals by SZA. This duo has collaborated extensively in the past – Snow has produced a great deal of SZA’s work. However, much of their prior work has displayed a downtempo aesthetic that is nowhere to be found in “Lies”. On this newest offering Snow ratchets up the dance beats, and SZA sings like an unconstrained pop star. The result is breathtaking – SZA’s voice drips with reverb in the verses before snapping to attention in the chorus, while Snow’s production uses dotted synth lines and pulsing bass to keep the song grooving. Check it out below.


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Kayjo – Trophy (Feat. RahRah The Savage (JR Nelson Remix)


I’m a little slow to this release, but better late than never. JR Nelson’s latest remix soothes like a breezy, summer night. Taking his turn at the already great “Trophy” by Kayjo, JR puts together smooth piano, trumpet, and synths that lend themselves perfectly to Kayjo’s singsong flow. Looking forward to hearing more from JR soon (and hopefully some originals!)

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Madeintyo – Uber Everywhere (Swell Remix)


Atlanta rapper Madeintyo’s “Uber Everywhere” was a bona fide hit in 2015, earning nearly eight million views on YouTube and earning the MC a place in his city’s rising crop of left-field, off-kilter MCs.

His track has been remixed by the likes of Travis Scott and Tory Lanez, but we’d wager that the latest incarnation of “Uber Everywhere” is the best spin since the original. Australian producer Swell, who recently had a breakout hit of his own with “I’m Sorry,” gives the track a 4/20 suitable spin, cloaking it in a mellow, yet moody haze.

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Saint ft. Miss Julia – Funk’d Up


This is just some, in the words of Derek Zoolander, really, really, really, ridiculously good hip-hop. Sweden based artist/producer, Saint, recruited the lovely Miss Julia for “Funk’d Up” which incorporates a little jazz, a little this, a little that, to give you all types of funk. Vibe to this one, and enjoy the rest of your 4/20.

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Patch – Interlude (My Love)


London rapper, Patch, just dropped his second EP (which you can stream here), and “Interlude (My Love)” is one of the standout tracks. Over a smooth backdrop, Patch slices through this like a Swiss army knife with ease. You can tell many emotions and thoughts went into creating this honest piece.

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Tokyo Police Club – Please Don’t Let Me Down


For many indie-rock fans, Tokyo Police Club is a household name. They’ve been making albums for what seems like forever now (aka 10+ years), but they seem to only be beginning. It’s been two years since their electric album Forcefield and it’s time for a taste of something new. Luckily Tokyo Police Club has been brewing up new music and it’s officially out to the world. Melon Collie and the Infinite Radness: Part One is their new EP, released last week, and it’s got quite the spark. One of the standout tracks is “Please Don’t Let Me Down”, with its rock energy and signature TPC quirkiness. There are no crazy bells and whistles, just a pure indie-rock jam that’ll get people dancing around to its catchiness. Check out that tune below and get a taste of the rest of the EP at Tokyo Police Club’s soundcloud page (which you can find by clicking the track below!)

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Nic Hanson – Rain

nic-hanson-rain (1)

I came across this feel-good track the other day by Nic Hanson called “Rain.” It’s got elements of Mayer Hawthorne, Robin Thicke, and Raphael Saadiq with a pop-infused soul vibe.

When I asked Nic Hanson what he had to say about the track, he touched on the track’s inspiration and the benefits of being a creative, independent artist:

“Rain” is like the stuff that plays in my head all the time. I love that vibe and grooviness that came with 90′s R&B but I like the heaviness of today’s music. I like to leave a raw sound – a kind of imperfection – on my songs. I feel that people like me have a tendency to wait too long, THINKING about the right time to do something, wanting everything to line up perfectly. I’m tired of waiting and thinking about creating my art. I just want to create more. I just wanna DO it. That to me is one of the beauties of being an independent artist, having the ability to move at any pace you want.

There’s a huge amount of demand for this type of drive and vibe today, so Nic Hanson may have a bright future ahead of him. He’s worth putting on your radar.

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Draper – Break Over You (ft. Prides)

Draper - Break Over You

​The last Draper song we covered was “Home,” a soulful, melancholy record about seeking belonging bolstered by meticulous production.

His latest, “Break Over You,” is equally impressive, but it operates on the opposite end of the emotional spectrum. This new track is built around massive, sugary synths and booming, ’80s-inspired percussion.

“‘Break Over You’ is about going all in, no holds barred,” Draper said of the track. “I’ve pushed myself to be more bold with my writing and I’m at my most confident point creatively.”

“Going all in” is certainly the right way to describe the new single, which is reminiscent of maximalist electronic artists like Passion Pit or M83. Singer Prides only adds that sense of commitment and freedom with his passionate vocals.

“Break Over You” is another testament to Draper’s ability to craft songs, and between this and “Home” it’s clear he’s a versatile talent capable of capturing many moods.

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