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[Stream + Lyrics] Andra Day – Rise Up (JR Nelson Remix)


JR Nelson is just starting to get his feet wet in the remix game, but definitely has the chops to take things to the next level. After a doozy of a debut when he remixed Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love”, JR has returned with another stellar release, this time, taking a stab at Andra Day’s “Rise Up”. The resulting effort preserves Day’s soulful, uplifting vocals while adding nuanced electronic elements. Turn this one up on a rainy day.

Stream the soaring release below. Also don’t forget to peep the original’s lyrics too!

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Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes (Astronomyy Edit)

billie eilish

Billie Eilish has come out of the woodwork to bring one smashing piece with the dreamy pop tune “Ocean Eyes”. It’s a tender, sweet track that is bound to get pop fans falling in love. So, it’s definitely no surprise that fellow artists would want to jump at the chance of reworking the infectious sounds of Billie Eilish. First in line is Astronomyy, who’s now released the “Ocean Eyes” edit. It’s not unrecognizable from the original, but it has an extra spark  to make it just a bit more special. Listen to Astronomyy’s edit of Eilish’s gorgeous track “Ocean Eyes” below.

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Paperwhite – Get Away

taken from Paperwhite's facebook.

Brooklyn family duo, Paperwhite, just broke a year long solo release silence with “Get Away”, a perfect-for-winter dream pop record they dropped some hours ago. Having impressed mightily with “Magic”, their first EP, this silence was particularly taxing, but the duo proved the wait to be absolutely worth the reward.

On “Get Away”, slyly drifting synths glide over a glacial soundscape crafted by Ben Marshall while Katie Marshall’s vocals skate effortlessly over her brother’s production. The finished product is a tranquil, silky soundtrack through the current and coming winter months.

Check out “Get Away” Here:


-Kyle Copier

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[Lyric Video] Lissie – Don’t You Give Up On Me


Lissie has been known for performing some of the best cover songs (see her famous cover of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” and Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”), her alternative-folk sound, and her raw artistry. Lissie seems to have all the elements of a true artist and she’s nowhere near stopping. She’s had two successful full length albums and the third, My Wild West,  is coming out in Feburary. “Don’t You Give Up On Me” is the first single off of the record and it’s the perfect display of Lissie’s style. It’s filled with emotion, intensity, and of course, is laced with the sounds of folk, rock, and pop. Lissie knows how to stay within the sounds that fans grew to love, but also break the barriers to give listeners something new. Listen to the wonderful new tune “Don’t You Give Up On Me” below.

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[Download] Hoodie Allen – Champagne and Pools (ft. Blackbear and KYLE) – MP3 + Lyrics


We can all agree that the best part of going to the movies is seeing the previews, right? And the best part of the previews is when you see that preview with a super stacked cast, right? What about when you get a super stacked cast on a song? I remember when a remix of Travis Barker’s “Forever” dropped and it had Drake, Kanye, Weezy and Eminem and I lost my shit. (Straight talk – I’d cut Drake and replace him with Kendrick, but beggars can’t be choosers.)

So Hoodie, Kyle and Blackbear just dropped a song together. AND they’re about to go on a tour together. That in itself is exciting, but what I dig even more about it is that they’re collaborating on a song, which likely means during the tour they’ll all perform together, which is one of my favorite things to see. (Straight talk again – headliners should always bring their opener out for a collaboration – people love that! And it’s respectful. Do more of that.) So shout out to Hoodie for doing that.

Get yourself out to a show – should be a super energetic performance by three dudes who pour their hearts and souls into their music. Hit the jump for more information on the tour and song lyrics.

I’m semi-famous, kinda aint shit, kinda sorta like almost made it, it’s like I went from star in the making to “oh yeah him, yeah I hope he makes it,” when the hell did all that begin? 

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VHS Collection – Lean


I first heard of VHS Collection about two years ago. I really got into their song “Far Hills Cider,” but as often happens in the music blogging world, I heard the song, played it for a while, and then the band soon dropped off my radar after I didn’t hear from them again for a while. It’s a bummer when that happens, especially when you feel like a band is really onto something.

But sometimes we get lucky and those bands resurface. That happened yesterday when I got a note from one of the members of VHS Collection saying that they had released a new song called “Lean.” To be honest, I got a bit nervous because “Far Hills Cider” had so much going for it - strong lyrics, catchy instrumentals, a build-up to a choral-style ending. This could easily be destined for one-hit-wonder-land.

But again, sometimes we get lucky and the resurfaced bands impress once more. And that’s the case with “Lean.” My attention was grabbed right from the start, as it immediately feels a bit like an Arcade Fire or LCD Soundsystem song (go figure, they linked up with producer Abe Seiferth of LCD Soundsystem fame) and it marches toward an anthemic hook that repeats “and oh, you’re gonna lean on your friends, and oh, you did it again.” It’s crazy what perfect sense that line makes after finding out that these guys have been playing music together since they were kids. They were there for each other as friends and now they’ve done it again. That might be the most literal translation of this chorus, but it’s too hard to ignore when it aligns so perfectly with the bands story and my feelings about their resurfacing.

So that’s what I’ll stick to. That and my hopes that they keep doing it again. And again and again and again.



Far Hills Cider:

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Honne – Gone Are The Days


Honne has been bringing a different flavor with every track they’ve released thus far. Whether it be the total pop goodness of their tune “Coastal Love” or the soulful, tenderness of “The Night”, Honne know how to reel in fans of various genres of music. This time around we get a little mixture of both. “Gone Are The Days” is undeniably catchy, but it definitely isn’t missing that emotional soul either. Honne know how to work with a fusion of pop, indie, and soul, in the best way possible. Check out their latest gem below, “Gone Are The Days”.

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[Stream] Imad Royal – Troubles


Fresh off his newly minted deal with Atlantic, the reborn Imad Royal (formerly just Royal) has released his first piece of music called “Troubles”. The concise, two and half minute long song strings together choppy synths and trap-inspired percussion that’s reminiscent of Hudson Mohawke. Royal adds a smooth singsong flow to the production that’s unique while still being pop-friendly.

Check out the track below. We’re looking forward to hearing much more from this guy soon.

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Foreign Air – Free Animal

Foreign Air

With an edgy, hip-hop informed sound, Foreign Air is crafting dark rock music very much in the mold of Glass Animals or The Neighbourhood. The duo hail from North Carolina and D.C., but their music has a moody, ethereal, placeless feeling.

“Free Animal” is the group’s first release, and it has generated tremendous buzz behind buzzy, ominous guitar, frenzied electronic drums and some woozy sample chopping. The single is bluesy and hypnotic, featuring an impressive array of vocals from singer Jesse Clasen, including a haunting falsetto second verse.

Foreign Air’s debut EP is slated to drop in February 2016, and if the rest of the tracks are as tight as “Free Animal” you can expect these guys to be all over next summer’s festival circuit.

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ISLAND – I’ve Been Searching

Taken from Island's facebook

ISLAND was a name totally unknown to me until about 20 minutes ago when I bumped into their newly released “I’ve Been Searching”, and I’m typing this in the middle of one of my classes just to make sure you get the news. The London group, made up of Rollo Doherty, Jack Raeder, James Wolfe, and Toby Richards, released “I’ve Been Searching” as the third single from their upcoming EP, “Girl”, due out soon.

“I’ve Been Searching” blends a simple alt-rock instrumental with somber, haunting vocals for a perfectly sad soundtrack to the montage of a movie where the main character starts packing up their stuff to leave. Smooth guitar work dominates the well-crafted soundscape and the drum work is top-quality.

Check Out “I’ve Been Searching” here:

-Kyle Copier

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[Premiere] Oliver Nelson – Found Your Love (Kill Them WIth Colour Remix)

Oliver Nelson

Oliver Nelson‘s “Found Your Love” was a warm, organic summer breeze of a single that took the airwaves and Internet by storm. It rode massive synths, bubbling bass and a generally lighthearted, uptempo sensibility into the ears of millions of listeners looking for soulful electronic music.

Now, Canadian producer Kill Them With Colour has given us his own twist on the song, slowing the track down and chopping it up with stabbing, shimmery keys and more contemporary trap drums. He also put the original’s vocals on the chopping block, giving the remix a dizzying, surreal feel.

Nelson said of the remix, “When I first heard Kill Them With Colour’s track ‘Get High’ on The Magician’s mixtape 48, I thought it was great, so reached out to them to see if they would be interested in ‘Found Your Love,’ they smashed it and I absolutely love what they did with it as I feel they completely flipped it on it’s head!”

Although it’s changed pretty drastically, the backbone and color of Nelson’s track still very much make KTWC’s remix stand out. It’s a testament to Nelson’s talents as a producer and songwriter that his songs, however drastically changed, still bear his signature touch.

While the original “Found Your Love” was a perfect summer evening record, you can count on this remix to take you through the cooler, more muted winter months ahead.

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Antonio James – Midnight Mirror


Many UK artists have been taking the world by storm these days, so it’s no surprise when another astounding talent comes along from that area. Antonio James is ready to join the pool of unique musicians and make his special sound known by many. “Midnight Mirror” is the chilling debut release from the soulful, dark artist. It’s got a gloomy, yet enticing sound. There’s a hint of r&b, pop, and even a touch of soul. It doesn’t stick to one sound, but rather has a flavor of it all. Antonio James may just have one song to his name, but he’s bound to have more up his sleeve. Listen to his debut track “Midnight Mirror” below, which is officially out for release today.

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