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Jez Dior – Starts Again


Jez Dior has kept consistent with the art of surprise. Though he often brands his own style as grungerap, new tracks like “Starts Again” showcase his broad versatility. Danny Score’s production teeters more on the side of spaced-out and synthy than guitar-driven grunge.

From Jezzy’s SoundCloud:

“‘Starts Aagain’ is a song written about the repetitive nature of relationships built off of emotions. I’m a very emotional person myself and with that comes mistakes directly related to conversations had in the moment without having time to think, but also comes with such highs that aren’t comparable…its almost hard to find the middle of it all sometimes.”

Stream his latest effort below.

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Logic ft. Childish Gambino – Driving Ms. Daisy

Childish Logic

Logic and Childish Gambino come together for an epic collaboration. What do you expect when you have two rappers hungry to make moves in the hip hop world. Love love love the flow, the beat, and the verses in this track. Look out for Logic’s debut album which will drop sometime this fall. Cheers!

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BROODS – Four Walls

sibling duo

BROODS just uploaded ‘Four Walls’ from their album Evergreen, which was released on August 22, 2014. This sibling duo from New Zealand has impressed me track after track, and ‘Four Walls’ is no exception. There is something about the way BROODS combines the blend of slow tempo snares with soft vocals that produces a track that flows so incredibly well. This track is like a dream you don’t want to wake up from.

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Zola Blood – Meridian


Back in July, I posted Zola Blood’s first single, Grace. My description of it was pretty detailed and on point. A little more than a month later, we have a second single called “Meridian,” and again, it’s a winner. With silky smooth synths and vocals, Zola Blood drops off yet another chilled out tune for your listening pleasures. Similar to the first single Grace, Meridian paints a vivid picture of traveling along the river bed in a calm night…almost like the calm before the storm….

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Only Real – Pass the Pain


Yes, summer may be winding down far too quickly. With August almost at its end and school books starting to be bought. Luckily though, that’s not stopping some last minute summer friendly songs to be released for our season lovin’ ears. Only Real brings the catchy pop-grunge sound again with his newest single “Pass the Pain”. It’s upbeat, got a bit of surfer vibes, an will likely be perfect for those last summer strolls with the windows down around your neighbourhood. Check out the tune below and keep an eye out for Only Real’s debut album, coming soon.



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[Music Video + Download MP3] Jazz Cartier – Set Fire

[Music Video + Download MP3] Jazz Cartier - Set Fire

WOOOOOOO. Jazz Cartier has been quiet for a while now, but today he decided to blow up the spot with his latest single “Set Fire.” The visuals show Jazz doing his favorite (or favourite, since yer boi is from Toronto) thing, and that’s blowing up with his friends, the Get Home Safe crew. Jazz’s frequent collaborator, Lantz, is all over the beat and turned in one of the eeriest efforts you’ve heard in a long time.

Everything’s pointing towards this being the start of something huge for Jacuzzi, so make sure you keep tabs on him and all of Get Home Safe (and if you’re in TO try and get to one of their parties, it’s on my list).


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[Download MP3] Skizzy Mars – Come Over

New Skizzy Mars!

Today was a bizarre day. It was one of the last days before my junior year starts, and my friends and I did stuff we have never done before. We made tacos. We fucking canoed. We broke into our college football stadium and sat on the field and took in the silence of the normally explosively loud venue. We then explored this probably haunted, abandoned mill. I saw a devil drawn on the wall of the basement, and there were bats and just gaping holes in the floors and steps. And the constant factor through all of these strange activities was this song. The artists that matter make the music that soundtracks your life. So, Skizzy Mars matters.

And by the way, the song samples “Touch” by Shura, which is one of my favorite songs of the year. I posted it below.


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The Best Of Lollapalooza 2014 Playlist


This time a week ago, there were roughly 100,000 large gathering in downtown Chicago’s Grant Park to down copious amounts of alcohol, consume various narcotics, and oh yeah, listen to some  good ass music by their favorite artists.

What’s that you say? You’re still not over Lollapalooza, or even worst, didn’t even get to attend the festival? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a comprehensive playlist for your (ab)use to relive the sounds from Lollapalooza 2014.

Enjoy this 21-track mixtape that features everyone from Chance The Rapper to Young The Giant and everybody in between.

Until next year.

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Download Olu’s New Single “Work”


Cleveland rapper, Olu, is back with his latest buzz single “Work.” It’s been a little over a year since we last heard from him, but man, he hasn’t skipped a beat. I can’t really describe Olu’s music other than it sounds and feels right. You probably don’t even understand what I’m trying to say. I don’t even know what I’m saying. Just listen.

Be on the lookout for not one, not two, not three…but TWO projects from Olu in the coming months.

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Listen to the Title Track for “Wish I Was Here” by Cat Power & Coldplay


As a continuation of my last gushing post over the soundtrack for Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here, I’ve now fallen deeply, deeply in love with the title track for the motion picture’s soundtrack by Cat Power and Coldplay. Let’s start with that, shall we? Cat Power — an often quiet character, relatively unknown to the masses — teams up with Coldplay, the band that has taken the public journey from cool to uncool to cool again. That’s an unexpected pairing, but it’s absolutely beautiful. It starts with just Cat Power’s gorgeous voice and emotional lyrics over Coldplay’s piano, and that would be enough to melt my heart. But then the harmonizing begins, and it’s brought to a whole new level. And then the instrumentals get heavier just after the 2:00 mark, and bam, you guys. That’s all it takes. That right there is musical perfection.

Listen to the song below and I challenge you not to fall in love with the song. In fact, I take that back. Let yourself fall; it’s a beautiful thing. And if you haven’t yet, you may also let yourself fall in love with two other songs from the soundtrack: Heavenly Father and So Now What. Hit the jump for the lyrics for “Wish I Was Here.”

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Listen To Carousel Remix Zella Day’s “East of Eden”


Carousel takes Zella Day’s East of Eden” and gives it a little touch of their own. With their signature sound (which is evident on this song), Carousel takes a more electro song, and gives it an electro pop feel to it. Happy Tuesday!

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Eyelid Kid – Sleeps Well on Knives


I received a submission from a mysterious group by the name of Eyelid Kid, whose SoundCloud page currently only features two songs and tells me nothing more than that they’re from “Nowhereville, United States.” No external links to a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, a Twitter account…they just left an email address. So I figured all I had to go on was the music behind this really strange and dark song title. I guess that’s cool, though. Unbiased listens are always a good thing, right?

Well luckily the music brought more clarity. I found myself listening a couple times over to “Sleeps Well On Knives,” intrigued by the sound of the music (the lyrics are a little hard to decipher, but what I could catch was alluring as well: “So I’m giving up on giving up, always trying to cover a hole in my soul that’s always been full).

After falling in love with the song, I did a bit more Internet research and found out that it’s a group band that comes from Southern California. They call their music “psychedelic pop music,” though all the songs are “pop tunes at their core.” (Note to self: they are clearly sitting on more than the two songs that I can find. That’s exciting.)




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