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[Download MP3] Yuna – Hotline Bling (Drake cover)


It’s safe to say we can’t go anywhere without hearing the hit that is “Hotline Bling”, but it’s always refreshing to come across a new version of the Drake jam. This time around, the peaceful songstress Yuna has taken her turn to change up the track that we all know and love. This rendition is soft, sweet, and everything that defines Yuna as an artist. It has that dash of soul that fans know her for and it’s simply worth a listen. If you feel like getting your hands on something a little different than the original, download and listen to the “Hotline Bling” cover below.

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[Premiere] Kennan Moving Company – Charades


Kennan Moving Company is a New York-based band who swirl together genres with uncanny ease. They’re reminiscent in many ways of Kids These Days, the cutting-edge soul-rock band where Vic Mensa cut his teeth before going solo.

Their latest single, “Charades,” premiering right here on Sunset, is an intoxicating blend of guitars, horns and powerful vocals from frontman Oliver Kennan. The track is earnest and introspective, but most importantly it’s a blast to hear. There’s an easy chemistry among the members of Kennan Moving Company that is apparent both here and on the rest of their short discography.

According to the band, “Charades is a song about that beginning phase of relationships where you really don’t know how the other person thinks of you… It’s about that point before either of you has made any overt gestures of attraction and you are trying to read their body language and puzzle out any subtle hints they might be dropping. I think it can really be kind of magical and totally excruciating at the same time.”

They dropped their No Fun EP last year, and if “Charades” is any indication, then their forthcoming project will truly turn heads. Quality bands are becoming harder and harder to find nowadays, and the maturity and soulfulness of Kennan Moving Company makes the group a true diamond in the rough.

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Tim Vocals – The Pills (The Weeknd Cover)

Tim Vocals Pills

I’ll give you three guesses what “The Pills” is about.

Okay good, now that we’ve got that out of the way it’s time to sing the praises of Tim Vocals, who manages to take The Weeknd‘s hit “The Hills” and make it even more distorted and hazy than it is already.

“I know some sour that’ll blow your mind/Molly and liquor at the same damn time/And when you see me I be fucked up off them Xanny’s,” Vocals sings on a hook that practically comes with a prescription pad.

Still, the track is a blast, and while Vocals doesn’t quite have Abel Tesfaye’s pipes, he has an undeniable charisma and rides the beat perfectly.

Vocals is in the midst of his #TimTuesdays series, releasing a series of imaginative (and druggy) covers weekly. His last effort was “Where is the Loud” a leafy-green interpretation of Skrillex and Diplo’s “Where Are U Now.”

If “The Pills” is any indication, Vocals is certainly one to watch in the ever-expanding trap R&B wheelhouse.


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Oyster Kids – Creepy

oyster kids

There’s nothing creepy about a completely catchy tune and there’s definitely nothing better than a glimpse of a new artist. The words Oyster Kids may have not rang any bells before, but now they’ve appeared with a memorable indie-jam that’ll turn heads. Oyster Kids’ debut single “Creepy” has an undeniable quirkiness and a slight edge of darkness about it. The track may draw comparisons to the vibes of Electric Guest and other indie acts, but this tune has a blend of its own. Take a first look into what this fresh band has to offer and listen to “Creepy” below.

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Run The Jewels – Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite) [MP3 + Lyrics]


Run The Jewels, aka El-P and Killer Mike, have shared a new single called “Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite)”. The track serves as the first piece of music from the soundtrack to Rubble Kings, a new documentary set to be released at the end of the month by Mass Appeal. In typical RTJ fashion, the song finds the two MCs trading syncopated flows over menacing production, all tied together by a choppy vocal sample in the hook exclaiming “d-d-d-d-d-d-dynamite”.

Stream the new song and read the lyrics after the jump.

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Skepta – Top Boy [MP3 + Lyrics]

Taken from Skepta's soundcloud

Skepta has been on an absolute tear lately; between the “Ojuelegba” remix, a personal favorite in “Shutdown“, and appearing on stage with Kanye West, things have definitely been heating up for the Tottenham MC, and “Top Boy” is an accurate soundtrack for his recent and pending successes.

While success in the US has never been the only measure of a career, it would certainly add more stripes to Skepta’s already decorated tracksuit. Making the jump to the US market is often a daunting task, but Skepta’s talent (and not just lyrically- he produced “Top Boy” alongside Luke Pryde) has already made the jump to undeniable. Like he himself says in the track, “It’s all a matter of time before you see the top boy shine”. By now, I’m convinced. If you need me, I’ll be buying a tracksuit.

Listen to Skepta’s “Top Boy” Here, and hit the jump for full lyrics.

-Kyle Copier

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Earth, Wind, & Fire – September (Taylor Wise Remix)

Earth Wind & Fire - September (Taylor Wise Remix)

While every other aspiring producer is working to break through in the music industry with forward-thinking originals, Taylor Wise has carved out a nice niche for himself rebooting old school classics and giving them a new school feel. The emerging New York star has already built up a pretty sizable, and impressive, catalog – including remixes of Akon, The 1975, Galantis, and Fat Joe – but his remix of Earth, Wind, & Fire’s classic hit, “September,” is perhaps the best production yet of his blossoming career.

Taking on a legendary record like “September” is never an easy task, but Wise absolutely smashes it out of the park with this one. Chopped vocal samples sit alongside funk-infused guitar riffs that drive the track through a maze of thumping bass lines and polished piano chords, giving Wise’s remix an undeniably feel-good vibe from the start of the track to the finish.

Taylor Wise doesn’t try to do too much on the remix, keeping the foundation of the original organic, but still delivering his signature groove to turn “September” into a dance floor scorcher.

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Travis Scott – Antidote (Christian Rich Rework)

Travis Scott live

Travis Scott‘s “Antidote” is many things, it’s a non-album single that proved so popular it was added to Scott’s debut, it’s one of the few solo records on Rodeo where Scott shines, it’s James Harden’s favorite song to yell out of moving cars.

It’s also a record that lends itself quite well to being remixed, with its moody, spartan soundscape and undeniably catchy refrain. Here, production duo Christian Rich, the minds behind Vince Staple‘s “Seniorita” and plenty of other hits, re-imagine the weed anthem into a bouncy piece of slow-burning electronica.

The flip retains almost the entire intro, before the track morphs into a surge of shining synths and pounding drums. Christian Rich don’t try to do too much, but it’s a quietly imaginative rework of one of 2015′s dark horse smashes.

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Anna Of The North – The Dreamer

Anna of the north

Autumn is upon us and it’s time to break out the chill, soothing tunes that get us through the breezy nights. Anna Of The North is ahead of the game and has given us a dose of dreamy with her new track “The Dreamer”. This Olso-based indie-pop artist brings the right dose of magical pop and angelic vocals. It’s the right amount of calm, yet irresistibly catchy  all at once. If you want your first tune to walk around on fallen leaves to, this is your go-to. Check out the lovely tune below.

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Coast Modern – Hollow Life

Coast Modern logo

Coast Modern‘s latest single “Hollow Life” is a Jackson Pollack of different sounds and influences. There’s a reggae bounce to the synths and bass, the trademark staccato trill of trap hi-hats, and in-your-face electric guitar that builds aggressively on the hook.

It’s a testament to the group’s diverse style that all of these elements coalesce as they do. “Hollow Life” doesn’t feel gimmicky or like a band trying their hand at a sound they have no business dabbling in.

So much of today’s indie pop is restrained and tasteful, and “Hollow Life” is a refreshing deviation from the norm. It’s bold, brightly colored and impossible to ignore.

The L.A. duo don’t have much music to their name, but if they keep making tracks as genre-blending and alive as “Hollow Life” it’s safe to say you will be hearing plenty more from Coast Modern.

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[Video Premiere] Alnilam – Lilac


Today we have the pleasure of premiering the music video for Santa Monica quartet Alnilam’s debut single “Lilac”. The bands sound blurs the line between ambient folk and dream pop, delivering ethereal ear worms which convey a deep passion for the natural world and it’s cosmic surroundings – the name Alnilam is derived from the Arab word which means “string of pearls” and is associated with middle star in Orion’s Belt.

The band members mysterious origins range from Turkey to Costa Rica and all that is really known about Alnilam’s inception is that they found each other in LA early last year and released a series of demos on their Soundcloud. The demos found instantaneous reception on the platform, garnering comparisons to bands like Beach House and The Cranberries as well as 1960′s vocalists like Nico and Marianne Faithfull. Lead singer Elena Pinto is quick to shrug off the retro comparisons.  “When I was little I lamented the 60’s were over and I had missed them” she recalls. “Now we find ourselves in another time of change and we all have a chance to be a part of it.”

Alnilam’s debut LP, Indigo Sky, will be released November 13th.


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Hoodie Allen ft. Travis Garland – The Moment


Hoodie Allen decided September was his month. First, he #blessed us with “Let It All Work Out,” featuring a great Sampha sample, and the upbeat style that is his forte. That served as the first single off of his upcoming mixtape. Yesterday, however, he let loose “The Moment,” which features singer, Travis Garland. This collaboration was the result of them spending some time in the studio together while Hoodie was working on his mixtape.

This is another upbeat hip hop release, with a catchy chorus…no complaints on my end. Do you, Hoodie.

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