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Amira B – Never Gonna Fall In Love

Channeling nostalgia from late 90s era urban pop, sultry NYC songstress Amira B combines raw lyrics with groovy funk vibes. Her latest single, “Never Gonna Fall In Love”, is a chilled out slice of R&B that draws inspiration from both Mariah Carey and Natasha Bedingfield and features a verse from rapper Rich G. who channels some serious Young Jeezy vibes.

Amira is celebrating the release of the single with an Artist Residency at Pianos on August 7th, 14th & 21st.

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Hailing from a small town in Oregon, bedroom producer THECLECTIK boasts a big, bright melodic pop sound that was forged in the furnace of rave culture and new jack swing.

His bubbly debut single, “I Found You” ft. Ze Rox & Jay Tablet, calls to mind the sparse purple vibes of Prince, paying homage to his retro roots while pushing the R&B sound into poppier territory. The track’s simple yet alluring sense of space and rhythm evokes both THECLECTIK’s ties to the underground and his love for the glitzy sheen of early 90’s urban pop.

The resulting combination is deeply alluring, assisted by the gorgeous, layered vocals of Ze Rox and a supreme off-the-cuff flow from Jay Tablet. It’s a bouncy, earworm that will have it’s claws in you after one listen.


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Yuksek & JD Samson – Don’t Even Try

Multi-faceted artist JD Samson, formerly of the seminal electro-punk group Le Tigre, and acclaimed French producer and DJ Yuksek have dropped their nu-disco/house banger “Don’t Even Try.”

Samson is a culturally influential curator, DJ, musician, visual artist, and advocate of the LGBTQ community around the world, and currently a professor of music at NYU. She has written and produced for other artists, including Christina Aguilera, Pussy Riot and Cobra Starship. Yuksek is a seminal artist in the French House dance scene, and has made music with the biggest names in the biz, remixing and collaborating with Gorillaz, Phoenix and more.

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Language – Game Piece

NYC-based Language cue up some speedball revolver riffs with a highbrow twist. While their tunes often channel old school punk vibes while their tight narratives are imbued with scholarly insight into world history and socio-political functions.

Language‘s Charles Sloan (bass, vox) shares, “I started with of a couple ideas: a middle school project where I had to decide what I would take with me on a spaceship to a new world, and the story of Aeneas, one of the mythical founders of Rome, who took his father, statues of his gods, and his son and lead them out of a burning Troy. It’s all reduced to a few shouted phrases, which is where the desperation and irrationality enter.”

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[Premiere] Sun Kin – Honey, I’m Whole

Sun Kin is alt-pop music by Kabir Kumar, a Bombay-born, Indian-Canadian, Oakland-based musician.
Today, Kumar is sharing his latest single, “Honey, I’m Whole,” and shares, “This song is about wishing that someone you’ve loved forever could meet someone you just fell in love with. I thought that I’d always be able to send my Nani an email, asking for her shami kebab recipe. To visit her, every precious couple of years, and stand eagerly over her shoulder sniffing the bubbling rajma. Or sit in her protective wingspan in the auto, clattering over to the local mithai wallah for some diamond-shaped kaju barfis. I wish I could hear it from her lips, how early in the morning you need to wake up to simmer a love worth remembering.

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[EP] Joey Aich – If Money Grew On Trees

A picture is worth a thousand words. So here’s some screenshots.

Conversation with Joey Aich



Check out the EP already.

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Joey Aich – Meccas

Joey Aich is gearing up for the release of his next EP, If Money Grew on Trees. With the EP due out in a few weeks, he gives us a lastte taste of what to expect with “Meccas.”

Boasting a 90’s hip hop sound, Joey flexes his ability to keep it about the words. “Meccas” notably sounds influenced by Pabst & Jazz from one of Joey’s idols, Asher Roth. I can neither confirm or deny this statement despite my friendship with Joey, but wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.

If Money Grew on Trees: March 30th



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Andy Cook – Swirl

Minnesota-based songwriter Andy Cook crafts surprisingly poignant folk rock. His jangly musings are both earthy and cerebral, putting him on course for the pantheon of  classic American songwriters. “Swirl”—a song reminiscent of Real Estate or Kurt Vile, is one of the many standouts from his forthcoming 22 minute EP Modern Man. The gorgeous tape echo-drenched, desert rock odyssey addresses the pressures and images surrounding us daily, and the desire to be “in” while still being individual.

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Introducing: Zomba Prison Project

Hello, strangers! It has been a minute since I last posted, but in celebration of Sunset coming back from being down for a few weeks and [gasp!] finally being mobile friendly (I beg you, disregard the fact that I work in digital media and have had a non-mobile friendly website for the past 9 years), I am back! I am committing to writing a longer piece soon about where I’ve been, what I’ve gotten into, my thoughts on life, all that. But for now, I wanted to get back to my roots of introducing you to some music that’s moving me at the moment.

While I was out on a run this morning listening to a 60 Minutes Podcast (yes, I am old, and yes, I admit to listening to podcasts rather than music as I run now; again, more on that later when I share some thoughts on life), I was introduced to the Zomba Prison Project. Before continuing to read this, I recommend pressing play on the Spotify player below to get a taste of what this group sounds like. I was immediately captivated by the familiarity of the instrumentals and — despite my inability to understand one word — the soft nature of the vocals. Sure, the song titles of some tracks are a bit jarring, but without knowing anything more than what the music sounds like, I’d have had no idea what I was about to find out: this entire album is written and performed by a prisoners at a maximum security prison in Malawi.

The album was recorded and produced by Grammy-winning producer Ian Brennan and his wife, who set out to travel the world in pursuit of talented artists. If I was a betting woman, I’d put my money on the fact that they were pleasantly surprised when they stumbled across the talent they found at Zomba Prison. Built in the 19th century and designed to hold 340 people, the prison is home to over two thousand Malawian prisoners, most of whom have been given life sentences.

When invited to create music, one woman volunteered and sang a song that displayed vulnerability and sadness of her situation. Following her lead, the floodgates opened, and many other prisoners volunteered to tell their stories via song. What resulted is a collection of stories I cannot translate, but that one can hear the beauty and a mix of sadness and hope in. As mentioned in 60 Minutes, these prisoners turn to music to find an escape, but as soon as the music stops, a harsh reality sets in.

In 2016, this album was nominated for a Grammy for Best World Music Album. While it didn’t win, the inmates at the Zomba Prison were given a cause for celebration. And if you allow yourself to let go of preconceived notions and recognize music for what it is — a universal language of unity — that’s a pretty beautiful thing.


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Russian Baths – Slenderman

Brooklyn, NY-based noise-rockers Russian Baths produce monstrous walls of chiming guitar ambience. One might assume these dense, aggressive tones would require the vocal chords of a screamo front man to penetrate, but in an utterly unique role reversal, we are gifted with the etheric musings of Jess Ress. The combination ends up sounding a little bit like Dolores O’Riordan fronting a Chapel Hill noise pop band, with a dash of 70s space rock for good measure.

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Kendrick Lamar, SZA – All The Stars



Kendrick Lamar and SZA have joined forces for the first single off of the Black Panther soundtrack, All The Stars. It was previously confirmed that Kendrick would be producing the entire soundtrack for the film, releasing next month. Both artists also received grammy nominations for the forthcoming ceremony. Kendrick received six nominations while SZA received five, making her the most nominated woman. If this is a sign of whats to come we’re sure to be in for another great year in music.

Check it out below.

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Best Songs of 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, this marks another year that we’re able to share with you the music that hit home. The beauty of what’s been compiled lies within the tastes of each contributor. Some are rap heavy, while others lean towards indie. It’s a unique playlist that’s crafted by us in hopes that you expand your digital (or physical) library. Continue to keep your ears open for artists, or genres that you have yet to discover. Finding the ~diamond in the rough~ has never been easier, and spreading the love is one click away.

As you think about your goals for the upcoming year, pay it forward by sharing music with those you surround yourself with. I challenge you to find one song on this playlist that you’ve never heard before, and send it to someone you think would enjoy it. The feeling knowing that someone appreciates a song recommendation is unmatched. At the end of the day, there is an absurd amount of talent in this world. Some have yet to crack 1k plays on SoundCloud, and others have the first name of Aubrey. Why not share it? Spread the love.

The Sunset Fam would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year. Stay safe, and have fun tonight.

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