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Best New Songs of May 2016

We’ll keep it short and sweet. Chance The RapperΒ made his solo return with Coloring Book. It was pretty hard to not just link to Coloring Book for Best of May, but we still have some gems for you to throw into your rotation! Link, and stream below.

PS: Go Cavs! πŸ™‚

Download Best New Songs of May 2016

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Artist Spotlight: Dead Horse Beats (MTL)

Patrick Wade has been killing the beat making game for well over 5 years now – and boasts a beautiful following of awesome folks all across the country: namely in his current province of residence; Montreal. His live performance includes the use of live instrumentation such as electric guitar and synthesizers – I’ve even seen him perform live with an excellent saxophone player. Such a treat.

His original compositions range from grassroots hiphop ballads to emotional RnB song-style tunes. You NEED to check them out:

You need to find his Bandcamp page, and check out the full-lenth releases that he’s released. Fun for the whole family! Unfortunately, in this post I’m limited to one embed. πŸ™

Check out the bandcamp HERE.

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Staff Picks: Artists of the Month – May 2013

We have two firsts this month on our Staff Picks: Artists of the Month, yall. The first first: we have a female on the list. Personally, I don’t think this means that there aren’t good female artists out there. Rather, I think it’s a reflection of the fact that it’s harder to distinguish oneself as a female artist. Lots of their voices sound the same; they don’t tend to have as much differentiation in range as men can. There are certainly female artists out there bending the norm, but it doesn’t seem to be happening as frequently as it is with male artists right now. That said, this monthΒ features a female artist. Get ready.

The second first: we have a repeat artist. One artist has continued to impress us throughout the months of April and May, and he has made the list for the second month in a row. When you see who it is, you’ll understand.

Enjoy the picks and get familiar with the music. These artists seem to be here to stay.

View May’s Best Artists of the Month


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Artists of the Month – April 2013

Last month, I predicted that April’s Best Artists of the Month would include a female. Alas, still no females. We seem to be a pretty sexist bunch over here at Sunset, huh? Joke’s on me, the only consistent female writer on the site, I suppose. At any rate, we’ve come together again to pull our picks for Best Artists of the Month thus far in April. These are the guys we can’t stop listening to; the guys who are still singing into our ears as we’re falling asleep every night; the guys we just can’t help but to wish to be in our next lives. They are…the coolest. Head on over to the list, and click on each artist to read more about them and hear more of their music.

View April’s Best Artists of the Month

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