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Best New Songs of October 2015


If you’re reading this, it’s not too late. Halloweekend is winding down, and we set back our clocks an hour today. Plus, on top of that, I got this playlist for you that you’ll love filled with vets, such as, Chance The Rapper, Kygo, Skizzy Mars, and new comers with Kamau, Stephen, & Feki. Check out the playlist below, and let us know what your favorites are!

Download Best New Songs of October Here

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Best New Songs of September 2015


NFL season is underway. NBA starts soon. MLB is winding down. Sounds like fall is here…but don’t you worry, we still have the last of what was a great summer in music. 19 picks from your favorite writers ranging a wide array of genres. What’s not to like?

Rundown: Nashville artist, REMMI, proves to be a dreamy artist with silky-smooth vocals. Chaz French stayed true to himself making music the way he wants to. gnash got fucked up. First time a London rapper has ever been on Best of? Congrats to Chip! Lostboycrow goes rogue this month with a dark release. RKCB continues the consistency in putting out music to flood your ears.

Download Best New Songs of September 2015

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Best New Songs of August 2015


31 days up, and 31 days down. Per usual, the team over at Sunset has gotten together to bring you the best new songs to be put out in August. Phenomenal list, as always!

Highlights this month:

Kygo released not one, but two random piano tracks. Chance The Rapper made an appearance this month. Skizzy Mars keeps on releasing dope remixes. Oh, he also hopped on his buddy, Allday’s “Grammy.” Oh, Be Clever flexed their muscles with their latest release, “River.” The recent out pour of Gallant’s “Weight in Gold” remixes is intimidating, but we decided to give you a standout from Sweater Beats. Sol dropped some wise knowledge on us.

Hit the jump for the Soundcloud stream and download!

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Best New Songs of July 2015


The #SunsetFam killed it this month (we kill it every month). When collaborating for these monthly playlists, we like to do what’s best for business, and you are what’s best for business. Different genres, different artists, different sounds. There’s something on here for everyone, or maybe you’re like us and everything on here is for you. Say goodbye to July, and welcome August with open arms.

Highlights this month:

RKCB makes their debut with “Ignite.” NoMBe shines with “Miss Mirage” as he takes you on a journey. Gnash drops his guard and lets you in with “I Hate U I Love U.” MIYNT channels dark-pop-magic with “Civil War.” Allday, who you may remember from working with Skizzy Mars, dropped a solid 7-track mixtape. Arjun told us we should worry about a guy named Allan Rayman. Last, but not least, Meek Mill called out Drake for being fake. Drake responded with not one, not two, not three, just kidding, two “diss” songs because I guess rappers still do that. You can find the second one on this playlist. Oh, and our fellow writer, Andy, became Twitter famous with his tweet about Meek Mill’s response track.

Hit the jump for the Soundcloud stream and download!

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Best New Songs of June 2015


These “Best of” are like clock work. The second I put one out, I feel like I’m already compiling the music from our writers for the next month. Well, have no fear, June is here. Throw this on for your July 4th celebrations, and be sure to come check out our July 2015 edition in a few weeks!

Download BNSOJ15

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Best New Songs of May 2015


Summer is officially in full force and we have the music to accompany your ears. 18 news tracks, specifically picked out from our writers. We have newcomers such as High Rule and Joey Aich, and then some more well known artists like Chance The Rapper & ASAP Rocky. Either way, it’s great. Enjoy!

Download Best New Songs of May 2015

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Best New Songs of April 2015


Happy Cinco De Mayo! Get drunk, share some laughs, be happy, and listen to our picks from April featuring Jordan Bratton, Chance The Rapper, Skizzy Mars, Vic Mensa, Pell, and more! Solid group of tracks here, and I know time will fly by super fast where we will have Best of May up here in no time!

Download Link

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Best New Songs of March 2015


Sheesh, where did the month go? It’s crazy how fast time goes by when you get older. There was some awesome music from March and we took the time compacting it down to our favorite 17 tracks from this month. Enjoy, and feel free to let us know what you thought about March!

Download Best New Songs of March 2015

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Best New Songs of February 2015


First, if you’re reading this, it’s because I’m way too late and I apologize for the slight delay in getting this to you. Second, without out further delay, here it is! A great group of 22 songs from the short month that is February. Soundcloud and link and below! Enjoy!

Download Best New Songs of February 2015


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Best New Songs of January 2015


If you haven’t checked out our Best of 2014, you’re missing out on something special! With 2014 ending on a strong note, 2015 takes off right where 2014 left off as the writers at Sunset present you with our top picks from January! SoundCloud & download link below.

Shout out to Skizzy Mars and his new project releasing yesterday! Get it here.

Download Best of January 2015

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Best New Songs of November 2014


I sit here around the same time every month wondering what I should put into these little write ups. Sometimes it comes to me, and sometimes I’m just like blech. Sometimes I even wonder if anyone reads these or if they just skip to the music. Sex. I’m not going to go into a deep thoughtful post, or predict how many touchdowns Johnny Football (sex) will have for my brownies next week, but, yeah, enjoy the sex (music)!

PSA: I’m out of it tonight. Thanks, finals!

Download Best of November 2014

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Best New Songs of October 2014


So it’s November 1st. Let us take a couple things into consideration here:

  1. Last night was Halloween. I hope you stayed safe, had fun, and had a great costume!
  2.  For those unaware, Halloween might be over, but it’s still Saturday. So repeat the above.
  3.  You’re probably hungover, so here’s some music to relax too
  4. In a parallel universe, there was a Halloween party with all of you, and all of us at Sunset, and we danced, and we cried, and we laughed, and had a really, really, really, good time.
  5. Playlist and download link below!

Download Best New Songs of October 2014

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