Saturday at Sunset

Saturday at Sunset: Epic

People call things “epic.” That’s just something that happens now. You’re probably one of those people. The overuse of words like “epic,” “hilarious,” and “amazing” is a real problem. Humans need balance. That’s why we invented God. Humans need balance, and humans are constantly fucking up that balance by making everything way too dramatic by using these words. Just ask Louis CK. Basically, what I’m trying to say (This wasn’t supposed to be offensive; if it was, blame Obama) is that these songs aren’t actually “epic.” But you, my forty-year old fat friend, would call them “epic.” That is all.

  1. Anthony Green – Only Love (ft. Nate Ruess)
  2. Porcelain Raft – Unless You Speak From Your Heart
  3. Way Yes – Important
  4. Guillemots – I Must Be A Lover 
  5. Adventure Galley – Addict
  6. The Big Pink – Rubbernecking 

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Saturday at Sunset: Where Da White Women At?

New Saturday at Sunset!

Often people stop me on the street and ask me, “Arjun, where da white women at?” And it’s awkward for me because I’m not absolutely sure where all the white women are located! Like, I know there are some in Canada, but that’s about it. So I did some research. Here are a few white women who just so happen to also make songs. What a fun coincidence!

*Note: Some of these women may not actually be white. It turns out that it’s kind of tough to tell if someone’s white or just off-white on the Internet. I had to guess on some. This whole concept is all sort of “extremely racist,” so it’s whatever.

  1. This Will Be Our Year (The Zombies Cover) – Memoryhouse
  2. Acid House Kings – Would You Say Stop?
  3. Shadows on Stars – Now You’re Mine
  4. Meg Myers – Adelaide
  5. Slow Club – Two Cousins
  6. Old Tapes – Farewell
  7. Beth Jeans Houghton – Dodecahedron
  8. The Good Natured – Video Voyeur

Where Da White Women At?

I bet Drake knows where da white women at.

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Saturday at Sunset: The British Rap Invasion

New Saturday at Sunset!

We Americans seem to have a very specific idea of British people: they are prim and proper and have bad teeth. Needless to say, a lot of these stereotypes are not true. Every Brit does not talk in the same accent. Most of them are not Sean Connery. And sometimes they rap.

Below are a few of my favorite British rappers (listed in no particular order).

1. Speech Debelle

I’m not the type of person who can ever have a “homegirl.” It’s sad but true, and I think I’ve finally come to terms with this fact. It’d be weird! But if I could have a homegirl, it’d be Speech Debelle. She is just so cool and so real that her music is infectious. Her sound is like a throwback to the catchy, unconventional hooks and the loose instrumentals of the 90’s–trumpets and all. Listen to “The Key” and “Spinnin'” from her debut album Speech Therapy and her brand new single “Studio Backpack Rap” off her sophomore effort Freedom of Speech (due out in February) below.

MP3: “The Key” – Speech Debelle

MP3: “Spinnin'” – Speech Debelle

MP3: “Studio Backpack Rap” – Speech Debelle

2. Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah has made it in Britain, and it seems like he’s slowly convincing the American audience. He just released a free EP follow-up to his weirdly-titled debut album Disc-Overy, and it has been getting significant coverage in the blogosphere. Personally, I don’t like Tinie that much. I think his sound is too “radio” for me. The production on his music sounds fake and phony–like his producers prostituted their uniqueness for the “greater good.” It’s all too “communist revolution” for me. Whatever that means.

MP3: “Wonderman (ft. Ellie Goulding)” – Tinie Tempah

MP3: “Wonderman (ft. Ellie Goulding) (Xaphoon Jones Remix)” – Tinie Tempah

MP3: “Like It or Love It” – Tinie Tempah

3. Wretch 32

Wretch 32 is not your average rapper. He doesn’t rap about hoes and bitches. He raps about working hard to support his son and utilizing his talents to follow his dreams. He tells a story with every song–a short vignette about his struggle. His debut album Black and White is full of these narratives that work well to form a succinct album. Check out my favorites from the album below.

MP3: “Forgiveness (ft. Etta Bond)” – Wretch 32

MP3: “Hush Little Baby (ft. Ed Sheeran)” – Wretch 32

MP3: “Don’t Go (ft. Josh Kumra)” – Wretch 32

4. The Streets

A list about British rap cannot be complete without the legendary Mike Skinner. Seriously, if you haven’t gotten into The Streets yet, you’re missing out on some of the best hip-hop music ever created.

MP3: “Dry Your Eyes” – The Streets

MP3: “Going Through Hell” – The Streets

MP3: “OMG” – The Streets

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog…

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Saturday at Sunset: Boxing Day

New Saturday at Sunset!

I try to keep you guys updated about my life because I think there’s something that can be said for being more than just any ol’ anonymous writer on a music blog. Everybody follows my Twitter. So you know that last week I tweeted about how music and comedy are the only things that have never disappointed me, which is not supposed to be sad. It just happens to be true. I love music and comedy. This love became more apparent than ever this past week.

As I grow up in the humdrum life of a high school senior, it seems like every week gets tougher than the last. Between college applications, school work, real work, and the maintenance of a social life, it becomes overwhelming. And when stuff becomes overwhelming, you turn to the things you love, so I turned to music and comedy. And when I did, everything seemed less overwhelming. I survived the long week of tests and the anticipation for college letters thanks to Louis C.K.’s hilarious new stand-up special (BUY IT HERE FOR JUST $5 IF YOU LIKE HAPPINESS AND GOOD THINGS) and the songs on the mini-mix below.

It looks like I’m going to college and freakin’ acing tests in the meantime. I’m not saying these things to brag or anything. This past week I relearned something that hopefully you knew or now know: condoms…feel..weird. Listen and download your favorites below.

  1. Pandr Eyez – Little Bit
  2. CYNE – Boxing Day
  3. Common – Come Close (ft. Mary J. Blige)
  4. mc DJ – Best I Ever Had (Bambi Remix)
  5. Milagres – Gentle Beast
  6. French Wives – Numbers
  7. Bombadil – A Question
  8. Joel Plaskett – When I Go
  9. Daniel Tashian & Mindy Smith – Taking You With Me
  10. King Charles – Bam Bam

I just want you to know, your whole being is beautiful.

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Saturday at Sunset: Bright Future

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that every week of my life is life-changing. This past week wasn’t really at all. I went to school. I did my work. I came home. I wrote some for the site. I turned in a college application. No big deal. I did realize some stuff, I guess. I realized how little I want to die. It’s weird; when you’re a kid, you don’t want to die because your parents tell you that you have a bright future or some shit. Like, all babies in the world could die, and they wouldn’t care. They might cry, but it’s not because they’re sad that they’re dying; it’ll be because they pooped their pants or don’t like drowning. But for me right now, this is my bright future, or I’m nearing it, at least. I don’t want to die because what’s happening right now is awesome, and I can actually see that the future will most likely be awesome, too. I don’t want to die because I’m young and motivated and want to accomplish so much. I don’t want to die because I want to try, and if I fail, I want to try again.

Hopefully, that made sense and wasn’t too offensive. Hopefully, it doesn’t inspire any baby murders. If it does, you missed the point entirely. The only thing separating the songs below from the normal Saturday at Sunset mini-mix is a cover and a .zip file. Download all of them, add them to your iTunes, plank on a million. We had a power outage last night, which is why this is a day late.

Quit harassing me.

  1. Professor Penguin – Past
  2. Wake! Owl – Gold
  3. Bwani Junction – Two Bridges
  4. Antonio Paul – City Dreams (shout out to Cooper from our Facebook page)
  5. Samuraj Cities – Arabic Jewelry
  6. Coasts – Drum Song
  7. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Boy Witch
  8. City Rain – Digeridoo
  9. Motopony – King of Diamonds
  10. [BONUS] Kanye West – Monster (TEACHERS Remix)

It makes me think that you want to go to come back, not to go.

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Saturday at Sunset: The Race

New Saturday at Sunset!

The past few weeks have been some of the most hectic weeks of my life. I have been everywhere and then some, or at least it feels like it. I think these weeks have changed my life. I think I have learned some stuff about myself, and I think I actually enjoyed the busyness. I think I proved to myself that I can handle pressure. Not school or social pressure, but real life pressure, which is basically all the pressure you’ve had all your life plus death and taxes. It’s funny though. Now that I’ve realized I might actually be able to handle adult life, I know how much I don’t want it–not now, at least.

I feel like we’ve been thrown into this race ever since we were young. A race to grow up. And the intensity of the race gets more and more as the race goes on. And it’s about right now that the race is at its most intense, and it’s scary, because I’m losing some people in the race. They’ve stopped to take a rest, catch their breath, enjoy the fresh air. It’s been a long race. At the same time, some people are thriving, so much so, that I don’t even know if they know why they want to win the race anymore! They just know they have to win, and they’ll stop at nothing to get there. Now, I have to figure out how I want to run the race. Matters are only complicated when I find out that there are no shortcuts in this race, and there are multiple ways to finish the race. More choices. Decisions. The possibilities are endless.


  1. Wake! Owl – Seaside
  2. King Krule – Bleak Bake
  3. Argentina – Camp Out
  4. The Knocks – Magic (ft. Gary Go) (Removed from mix due to copyright violation)
  5. Lemaître – Excuse Me
  6. Childish Gambino – I’m Alright
  7. Said The Whale – Goodnight Moon
  8. Hudson – Against the Grain
  9. Moonface – Fast Peter
  10. Kanye West – Coldest Winter


New Mini-Mix!

Won’t you win the race? Won’t you win the race? Won’t you win the race for me?

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Saturday at Sunset: Songs for an Actress 2

Saturday at Sunset!

This 10-song mini-mix is a convenient way to catch up on some songs I haven’t posted, hype you guys for this week’s Tape Tuesday, remind you that Saturday at Sunset is still a thing, and show off my mad photo-editing skills.

The mix is raw and personal and so blatantly about a girl. It’s perfect to not be happy to. Swag swag.



  1. Childish Gambino – Rolling in the Deep (ft. Adele & Jamie xx)
  2. Skizzy Mars – Tara
  3. Albert Hammond, Jr. – In Transit
  4. Otayo Dubb – A Lil More (ft. Bambu)
  5. Ms Mr – Ash Tree Lane
  6. Prometheus Brown and Bambu – Rashida Jones
  7. The Tough Alliance – My Hood
  8. Sampha – Indecision
  9. Marlon Roudette – The Loss
  10. Childish Gambino – These Girls (ft. Garfunkel and Oates)


Songs for an Actress 2

“We are really close, and this party’s really loud…”

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Saturday at Sunset: Inspiration

Saturday at Sunset

Like many people, I am fueled by inspiration, and luckily for me, I’ve felt inspired for the past few weeks. It’s exciting. I’m excited for the future: my next few posts on Sunset (including this one), starting my senior year of high school, and even beginning my dreaded college applications. It’s weird. I’ll be the first one to tell you. Shit is thoroughly messed up, but I am going to ride this wave of inspiration until conditions are deemed unsuitable for riding.

But enough about me. Saturday at Sunset is a daily special in which the songs and writing are based on some sort of theme or genre. This week’s theme is inspiration, so let me tell you about how I got inspired this fine summer.

About a month ago, Lydia took a chance on me by letting me write for Sunset. Not in a Meta World Peace playing for any NBA team kinda way, but just because she didn’t really know me. But by allowing me to write for her site, Lydia validated my presence on the Internet. She is one of the nicest people that I barely know, and I am forever indebted to her. Her hard work, kindness, and overall awesomeness inspire me. This post, for example, would not exist if it weren’t for her Straight Talk Sundays.

Under the influence.

Listen: “New Map” – M83

Download M83 New Map

Listen: “Teflon Heart (Star Slinger Remix)” – Caged Animals

Download Caged Animals Teflon Heart (Star Slinger Remix)

As you may know by now, I’m a huge comedy fan. It’s something that I find completely fascinating, and I adore it. Louis CK’s Chewed Up is one of my favorite things ever. Like, I like it more than I like people. If I had a child, it would be Chewed Up first, child second. Easily. If I had two children, it would be the same, because I’ve already decided that I won’t love my second child at all. I’ll hate him. I’ll teach him the colors the wrong way just to fuck him over for his entire life. But yeah, I like comedy, and I’ve always wanted to try stand-up. Twice. Because apparently, the first time you do stand-up, you don’t really get a feel for it; you’re so nervous. The second time you’re more…there. I got inspired by watching an HBO Special from a few years ago called “Talking Funny,” featuring Ricky Gervais, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Louis CK. The special was just them talking about comedy, and the fascinating thing about the whole thing was that they are the biggest comedy fans. They love what they do and have worked extremely hard to get to the top of their profession. Watching them talk candidly about the craft inspired me to write my own stand-up. Hopefully, I’ll be able to perform it one day. For human beings.

Fish are friends, not food. Swag swag.

MP3: “Never Be The Same” – Little Majorette

Listen: “Lighthouse” – Theophilus London

Download Theophilus London Lighthouse

Listen: “River Hymnal (FISHING Remix)” – Guerre

Download Guerre River Hymnal (FISHING Remix)

I’ve been listening to the newest M83 album lately (“New Maps” is from the album as is “Wait” below). I’ll have a review out for it soon, but I just want to say that Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming is a breath of fresh air. Really. It’s reminded me why I like indie rock so much. It reminded me that behind some of the trash that is put out in today’s overly accessible market is some really well-constructed albums such as this one. The entire double disc effort could have easily been the soundtrack for Spike Jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are–it’s beautiful, atmospheric, dramatic, cinematic, and delicious for any music fan.

It’s not delivery, it’s L’Homme Run.

Listen: “Wait” – M83

Download M83 Wait

Preorder Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming || CD | LP | InSound

MP3: “Don’t Go (ft. Josh Kumra)” – Wretch 32

My last source of inspiration has been a girl. She’s great in every way. I should tell her that.

MP3: “The Understanding” – Jones Street Station

Thanks for reading. You guys are the ones that really inspire me. Ha! Just kidding. Fuck you.

Arjun || Twitter



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