[IRL Interview] Allan Kingdom

New Allan Kingdom Interview!

There are ebbs and flow in the vortex of music on the Internet: times where you spend hours searching for new music and get nothing but the same vapid raps and overly cheery indie rock jingles. Right when you are about to give up, fate throws you an artist like Allan Kingdom, and suddenly, your sleep deprived mind feels revived again. The artist that matters makes you pay attention, and St. Paul native Allan Kingdom matters. I had the privilege of talking to Kingdom last week. In our interview, we discuss the making of his new Future Memoirs EP, the booming St. Paul music scene, and his team made up of the legendary Plain Pat, DJ Kaslow, and Ben Hughes.

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[Interview] G-Eazy: “This Is Where It All Starts”

New G-Eazy Interview!

From an outsider’s perspective (no pun intended), it could be easy to discredit G-Eazy‘s success, saying that his brand is “manufactured.” It could be easy to say that this faux-retro brand he has built from nothing is just a shtick to set him apart in an over-saturated hip-hop market. Once you witness his “shtick” firsthand, you realize that maybe his brand is manufactured to set him apart in this crazy game. It doesn’t matter. G-Eazy is a smart guy–a graduate of Loyola University’s Music Industry Studies program. He knows what he’s doing, and maybe his image is a calculated attempt at monetizing nostalgia.

But image only gets you so far.

These Things Happen will be G’s first commercial album. The man is treading into the deep waters of actually asking his fans to purchase his music! But what I saw when I interviewed young Gerald was an experienced yet still hungry rapper with a smart style, a loyal fan base, and an unending supply of good music and ideas–not to mention, he is one of the most genuine artists I have ever met. Like, he lives exactly what he raps. In our interview, the Bay Area rapper talked candidly about the challenges of tour life, the details of his come up, rap disses, his favorite brands of whiskey, and of course, the making of These Things Happen. Pre-order the album on iTunes now or buy a physical copy on June 23rd. Continue reading “[Interview] G-Eazy: “This Is Where It All Starts”” »

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[Interview + EP] MisterWives – Reflections

Today, MisterWives released their debut EP Reflections. I was able to interview the lead singer, Mandy, about the EP and other fun tidbits. In a quick sum up, the EP is filled with different tunes for your listening pleasures that’ll have you moving and grooving. It’s a solid debut, and one that should gain some rotation in your iTunes/Spotify. Hit the jump to check out the interview and directly below that, the EP.

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[Interview] Antonio Paul

New Antonio Paul!

Antonio Paul is a sort of genre-bending, indie rock duo from Australia. They have sporadically released music over the past few years and have grown to be one of the most adored bands in my iTunes. Their songs have soundtracked some major events in my life, so I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to interview them just a few days ago. We talked about the 2010 blog hit “City Dreams” which sparked their career, the animated series Adventure Time, and their love-hate relationship with technology.

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[Sunset Selections] Who Is Sterling Fox?

New Sterling Fox!

Sterling Fox (born Brandon Lowry) is a songwriter from New York via Pennsylvania. He is one of the many talented writers working behind the scenes on hits like Gym Class Heroes’s “Stereo Hearts” and Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” (literally, Fox co-wrote and co-produced the first and co-produced the second). It is a good lifestyle–being able to do something you love professionally–albeit sometimes frustrating not being publicly rewarded for your work. This is the music industry, and there is talent everywhere. With recent features on tracks with Avicii and Skizzy Mars and his own burgeoning solo career, Sterling is finally getting some of the recognition he deserves. I was lucky enough to interview the rising star and discuss his work with mainstream artists, his love for NYC, and what is next for pop music.

And yes, he is on Sunset Selections, our biggest mixtape of the year, dropping this Thursday (10/10).

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Interview: Marika Hackman

New Marika Hackman!

Music can be simple and not basic. That, to me, is what Marika Hackman represents. She takes simple ideas and expands them into almost-medieval folk tunes with the help of her producing partner Charlie Andrews, who recently produced Sunset favorite Alt-J‘s record An Awesome Wave. The two first partnered up on Marika’s debut mini-album That Iron Taste and look to continue their partnership with an upcoming follow-up EP. I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the young singer-songwriter. Below we discuss her dream musician, her working relationship with Charlie, and how this was almost definitely her favorite interview ever. Also, I discover what “taking the piss” means.

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Interview: Bipolar Sunshine

New Bipolar Sunshine!

If you’ve been keeping up with Sunset this summer, you know that Bipolar Sunshine has been a large part of our season soundtrack. With just three songs out via his Aesthetics EP (purchase here), Adio Marchant, a former Kid British band member, has transcended basic radio sounds to create picturesque escapes through sweeping melodies and genre-bending vocals. We were fortunate enough to interview him recently and talked about his record label, favorite songs of the year, and thoughts on free music.

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Premiere + Interview: Planetarian – July

New Planetarian!

July is a perfect month. The sun is out most of the day (clothing is basically optional), and you can spend entire evenings on the lake with freezers full of freezies and Cokes. After his dreamy, summer-doused debut album, it is no surprise that Planetarian has a track named after this auspicious month. What is a bit surprising is the seamless Kevin Abstract feature, which plays perfectly with the candid, kind of awkward nature of Planetarian tracks. Turn this one up on long drives or days out.

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Video Premiere + Interview: Robby Hunter Band – Hard on Me

New Robby Hunter Band!

There are so many bands on the cusp of success; some bands make it, some bands don’t. For a band to make it, they need to have their ducks in a row and um, all of their eggs in one basket. Robby Hunter Band has done these things–not recklessly but quietly and methodically. Their music is beach-tinged, summer heaven with hints of Caribbean flare. The video below is funny and self-aware and right in time for the season of the sun. This is music for you to zone out to with a Corona and lime, a bathing suit, and the girl of your dreams. Check it out, and err… dibs on the model in the video.

Hit the jump to read our exclusive interview with the guys where we talk about whether they have ever fought over a girl in real life, what artists they think should be more popular, and future plans for the band. Continue reading “Video Premiere + Interview: Robby Hunter Band – Hard on Me” »

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Interview: G-Eazy in ATL

New G-Eazy!

There’s an old wives’ tale about going to a concert in the rain when storm-drenched boots line the venue floor and a really ratchet drunk girl double fisting two beers like a champ tries to dance with you and your friends–


While those things totally happened I don’t know where I’m going with this. Also, I’m not totally sure I know what the phrase “old wives’ tale” even means. What I do know is that G-Eazy and Skizzy Mars gave one hell of a performance in that beat up Atlanta joint a couple of months ago and made new fans with carefully prepared set lists, lighting, and live percussion. I had the unique privilege of interviewing G before the show.

Hit the jump to read our interview with G-Eazy… Continue reading “Interview: G-Eazy in ATL” »

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G+ Hangout with Skizzy Mars

New Skizzy Mars Interview!

Stream our exclusive interview with SITR favorite Skizzy Mars.

Related: Download Skizzy’s debut mixtape Phases here.

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[Interview] George Barnett, Indie Songwriter

George Barnett

When I first discovered George Barnett, I felt as though I had stumbled upon a gold mine. To this day, I love to kick back and listen to George’s music. It’s grand, it’s stunning, it’s representative of modern art, and it’s full. It makes for a great listen, so if you haven’t yet gotten into George Barnett’s music, I highly recommend you check him out. Listen to our interview below. We asked George questions about his songwriting process, specific songs from ‘17 Days,’ what his plans for the future are, what he’d do with $1 million, and more. He even sang a little freestyle clip about Sunset in the Rearview at the end! It was great getting to speak with George – do yourself a favor and listen to his music!

George Barnett Website || Facebook || Bandcamp

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