28 January 2012

Catching Up With These 3 Mixtapes (ft. Heems, Rockie Fresh, Conner Youngblood)

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This past week was exam week for me. It involved a lot of studying and a lot of Children’s Hospital (I seriously love Children’s Hospital now. You can start the series here.). It also involved a lot of downloading mixtapes but not being able to listen to them, which was really frustrating. Anyway, here are some mixtapes I wasn’t able to post during exam week.

1. Heems – Nehru Jackets

I like Heems. Not because I’m Indian and can relate or whatever. Most of the time I can’t relate to what Heems is saying because what Heems is saying is outrageous. But I like Heems because he seems to be infinitely creative. Mike Finito and he teamed up to create this self-aware, politically-driven hip-hop tape that features beats and rhymes that are both frustrating and intriguing at the same time.

Heems likes to think that he’s lazy, but this mixtape clearly proves otherwise.

MP3: “Thug Handles” – Heems

MP3: “You Have to Ride the Wave (ft. Danny Brown & Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire)” – Heems

MP3: “Kate Boosh (ft. Despot & Kool AD)” – Heems

MP3: “Womyn 2 (ft. Childish Gambino)” – Heems

Download Nehru Jackets here.

2. Rockie Fresh – Driving 88

I know this might sound bad, but part of me despises discovering a new rapper that I like. I mean, I love rap, but the rap game and rappers in general are really volatile. You could say I have trust issues with rappers because when I find a rapper I really like I want to commit to them, but I also don’t want to be disappointed. With Driving 88, Rockie Fresh has converted me into a full-time fan. And he samples SBTRKT and Sunset favorite (really though) Oliver Tank on the way, so that’s cool.

MP3: “Into The Future” – Rockie Fresh

MP3: “Never Never” – Rockie Fresh

MP3: “Where I Wanna Be (ft. Phil Ade)” – Rockie Fresh

MP3: “I Love It” – Rockie Fresh

Download Driving 88 here.

3. Conner Youngblood – Sketches Pt. 1

This one I learned about thanks to Pigeons & Planes. I like it for two reasons: 1) because it is a non-hip-hop mixtape and 2) because it features some really really pure singer-songwriter type songs. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s refreshing that this can exist behind the convoluted nature of today’s “indie rock” scene. With Conner’s music, you’re not going to get an onslaught of synthesizers and whiny voices; you’re going to get some raw acoustic tracks, Bon Iver-type build-ups, and maybe the occasional tasteful auto-tune. Also, it should be noted that “Will You Be There?” is a well-executed Michael Jackson cover, “Monsters” features some weird wobble, and I have been trying to fit “Australia” on a Tape Tuesday for a very long time. #FreeWilly #FreeWillieNelson

Download Sketches Pt. 1 here.


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