03 January 2013

Live Review: Capital Cities

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Capital Cities

You know when you’re trying to describe something amazing but you’re worried your words won’t do it justice? Not even if THEY’RE IN ALL CAPS?

Alright, that is the dilemma I’m currently facing.

How do I tell you the Capital Cities concert on December 21st at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to?

How do I tell you I didn’t really know what to expect but was completely blown away by the energy, enthusiasm, and effort these guys put into their show?

How do I tell you that Rickshaw Stop was the best setting for an intimate show like this one and that 100% of the crowd was entirely engaged and hanging on every word and note coming from the stage?

How do I tell you the guys won me over with their matching yellow blazers and their choreographed dance moves (see picture above for the Capital Cities electric slide)?

How do I tell you I searched the entire Internet for trumpet lessons for my roommates after watching Spencer Ludwig do his thing onstage?

How do I tell you the live cover of Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares” and Madonna’s “Holiday” were unexpected and incredible?

How do I tell you no one stood still, that I was in my own little world, and that the concert went by too fast?

These guys were awesome. IT WAS THE BEST CONCERT OF 2012.

Let’s see what 2013 has to top this off …


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