30 October 2015

Candyland – Speechless ft. RKCB

posted by: Nathan New Music Daily
candyland speechless

The fact that we can classify Candyland and their newest production, “Speechless,” featuring RKCB, as a pop track proves how far the music industry has come in integrating dance music into the mainstream. A year ago, anything Candyland, and Candyland-produced, would be firmly considered electronic dance music, no two ways about it, but within the last year, dance music’s popularity has steadily grown to the point where the line between pop and dance has been blurred – and Candyland and RKCB are taking advantage of it.

You may remember Candyland as an emerging, electro house duo, but earlier this year, they went their separate directions, and “Speechless” is the latest release from Candyland that showcases a new, matured sound by the Santa Barbara-based producer.

Gone from her arsenal are the blaring horns and thumping kicks of main stage dance music, and in its place are tropical-influenced synths and a smooth house backbone that gives “Speechless” some serious groove. Throw in just a touch of indie vibes, courtesy of RKCB, and Candyland’s new tune will have you “speechless.” Take a gander at it below.


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