06 February 2012

Bon Iver on SNL

posted by: D Prep New Music Daily

Justin D.E. Vernon and co. made an appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, playing their songs “Holocene” and “Beth/Rest” for the crowd assembled in New York City. A great performance, as can be expected by this crew–if you ever find yourself lucky enough to have the opportunity to see Bon Iver live, you’d be foolish not to take that offer. I don’t know if it’s the horns or Vernon’s angelic pipes that do it, but boy do they do it.

They were asked to perform with an unnamed other band at the Grammy’s and refused, saying that only those with “guitars on their backs” should decide who they want to play with. Kind of hoighty-toighty and douche-like, but if anyone can say something like that and get away with it it’s them. I guess.

PS— A little word to the wise: don’t listen to Bon Iver with someone you have romantic feelings for.  If it’s a fleeting love, the effects of Justin Vernon’s voice are soul-crippling after the fact. Truuuust that.


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