19 February 2012

Bon Iver Live at AIR Studios

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily
Justin Vernon of Bon Iver

If you ever doubted the natural talent of Justin Vernon, or all of Bon Iver for that matter, stop now and watch this video. Justin Vernon and Bon Iver’s Sean Carey got in a studio with little more than two grand pianos and some microphones to create this beautiful version of some of their songs from the latest album, some from the Blood Bank EP, and another take of the stunning cover of Bonnie Raitt’s I Can’t Make You Love Me. My heart melts at the moment when Justin starts belting out the chorus of I Can’t Make You Love Me.

Being that I’m a huge sucker for pianos, I am absolutely love-stricken at the sight of this video. Thank you, Justin and Sean. And a thank you to 4AD and Jagjaguwar for putting this together.

Also a thank you to Disco Naivete for making this downloadable. Download a .zip file of this recording here.

And if you knew some of those people who watched The Grammys this year and wondered afterwards who ‘Bonny Bear’ was, show them this video. Guarantee you they’ll never ask that silly question again.

Arjun’s Edit: Also, show them this video, and they’ll be scared of Bonny Bear forever.



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