13 July 2011

Big Deal – Chair

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Big Deal

As a music blogger, I get a TON of music sent my way everyday. A lot of it is mediocre, a handful is fantastic, and a big chunk of it is, to put it nicely, sub-par. It can be really tiring, day in and day out, to sort through music looking for gems, essentially doing an A&R rep’s job for free on top of my own full-time job, but the second you find something incredible hidden in the world wide web, it’s an instant reminder of why this whole music blogging thing is so fun. Unfortunately, though, I can’t take credit for discovering this one. My BFF Confusion over at Pigeons and Planes dug this diamond out of the rough, and I’m loving it. Welcome to “Chair” by Big Deal.

Big Deal is an indie duo from the UK. The highlight of this song for me comes when male singer KC takes the words from the female singer Alice at the end of the song and sings them after her, creating an echoing round. There’s something beautiful of that. It’s a bit reminiscent of a track off the new Bon Iver album. Anyway, enjoy this track, and I’ll be on the lookout for more music from Big Deal in the future.

Big Deal – Chair by Big Deal


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