05 January 2013

Best of December 2012

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I know, I know. I haven’t done any of these since last year. No, but I apologize for my lateness as I was ringing in the new year at a wedding (free bar!), but have no fear, my top 25 songs of December, my top 5, and a download link is here!

Shout out to the Sunset fam and all the readers as 2012 was a blast, and can’t wait to see what happens in 2013!

Download Best of December 2012

Jordan’s Top 5:

The Neighbourhood – A Little Death

Ugh, like, we kind of love these guys. What’s not to like? The dark-soothing vocals to woo you over. The backdrop to make you feel like you’re breathing.The Neighbourhood fucking rules.

Skizzy Mars ft. G-Eazy – Pay For You

Skizzzzzzzzzz, bro. You probably lead the Sunset In The Rearview league with top 5 appearances. How about that Phases project? I’ll pay for it!

Carousel – Stay Awake

Another frequent top fiver as Carousel finishes 2012 with a bang. Be on the lookout on an even bigger year from these guys as I can only imagine a debut project in the near future.

Frank Ocean – Wiseman

First, Django Unchained is fucking ill. One of the best movies in 2012. Second, Frank Ocean killed it. Third, Frank tweeted that Django was ill without it, meaning that “Wiseman” was recorded for it, but never actually used. Fourth, Frank killed it.

Leapling – 17

If you do a google search of this song, you’ll find two legitimate results. The initial debut from Pigeons and Planes, and then this mention right here. This is a gem that hasn’t been discovered and is probably my favorite song from December.

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