01 December 2012

Best Artists of 2012

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Best Artists of 2012

Hi, friends. Sorry for a bit of silence on my end. I’ve been away working on this secret project. And, well, I finished it today. So I guess it’s time I share it with yall, right?


A couple days ago, I asked each of the writers of Sunset (Arjun, Jordan, Andy, Dusty, Ann, Tom, D Prep, and…myself) to pick their 31 favorite artists of 2012. Each person had different answers, but there was a lot of really cool overlap. In the end, there were 31 artists we chose as the best artists of 2012. I put all of the answers together and built an advent calendar of sorts on the Sunset Facebook page. Each day in December, we’ll reveal a new pick of ours. Pretty simple, but pretty cool, if I may say so myself.


Check it out here. Is your favorite artist going to be chosen? Let us know who your favorite is on our wall!

Or if you’re viewing from a mobile phone, be sure to use this link.




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