25 January 2013

Bastille – Pompeii

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

Bastille has been one of my favorite artists in the past couple months, and when I heard his new song, Pompeii, today, I realized that he doesn’t seem to be trending downwards in any form. In fact, he keeps getting better. He first crossed my radar as somebody who did a lot of cool covers that sort of blended his own production and other songs together. Almost like an acoustic mashup, in a way. But he’s starting doing original production and, I can say with ease, that this one right here is incredible. The drums, the choral chanting, the explosive chorus…it’s pretty much everything I ask for in a song. My one fear is that it could be a little too poppy and could get picked up by radio stations or the like, but I’ll just selfishly cross my fingers that doesn’t happen (sorry, Bastille, not ready for that yet).


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