15 December 2012

Bastille – No Angels (The xx vs TLC)

posted by: Lydia Mixtapes | New Music Daily
Bastille Ohter People's Heartache pt. 2

Bastille continues to amaze me. He’s taken mashups to a new dimension: he tends to recreate the mashups with his own talented vocals, making it more like a blend between a mashup and a cover, and at times he even pulls in other talent like he does in this track with Ella. Here, he’s blended TLC’s “Scrubs” with The xx’s “Angels.” At once it’s both shocking and stunning. I’ve had to do a double take and ask myself if I really just heard The xx and TLC at the same time…talk about my past and my present colliding. Wow.

Download the entire mixtape ‘Other People’s Heartache, Pt. 2’

Bonus: “Oh Holy Night” – Bastille


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