12 August 2015

Basement Jaxx – Never Say Never ft. ETML (TKDJS Remix)

posted by: Nathan New Music Daily
Basement Jaxx TKDJS Remix

Woah. I’m not usually a fan of this bass-ier dance stuff, but TKDJS uploaded a gem of a remix yesterday and I just had to share it. TKDJS is the brainchild of three Brooklyn-based producers, Scott, Paul, and Mike, that was born out of a late-night meeting in Central Park Zoo in New York City. Their bond was forged in the back of an NYPD squad car, and the three musical masterminds have been working together ever since.

With their latest release of the summer, and second in the same month, TKDJS has completely re-imagined Basement Jaxx’s “Never Say Never” into a whomping bassline house anthem. “Never Say Never” was one of the UK electronic duo’s more recent hits, characterized by a strong topline, courtesy of Elliot Marshall, layered over bubbly synths, soaring chord progressions, and a deep bassline, but TKDJS completely changes the vibes on their remix – and the results are stellar.

The groovy danceability of the original is gone in favor of darker reprises and a gritty edge that makes TKDJS’ remix the perfect late night club construction. A cleverly chopped and screwed vocal sample is intricately intertwined with grumbling oscillations, swirling wobbles, and a complex, evolving bassline that drives the track towards its close.

TKDJS says there is one more remix on the way, but you can peep this one below for now, and enjoy.


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