22 July 2015

Balko – Fiona

posted by: Grant New Music Daily
Sydney band Balko, standing a golf course maybe.

With a sound that effortlessly blends lo-fi, psychedelic rock and indie pop, Sydney five-piece Balko has crafted music that is at once incredibly of the moment while possesing a timeless, nostalgic quality.

Obvious comparisons are fellow Australian groups Pond and Tame Impala, but Balko is also reminiscent of British outfit Peace, who also make their bones with ageless, guitar-based rock.

Their most recent track, “Fiona,” begins as a wonderfully dreamy, slightly wistful song and builds into a freewheeling blur of guitar and hard-pounding drums.

Balko’s music has an incredibly warm, organic quality that stays with you. “Fiona” is as close to stream of consciousness as a song can be; each note seems to effortlessly spill forth and blend together perfectly.

The band also touches on some interesting ideas lyrically, as Jack Bennett sings over and over on the chorus, “Every moment stretches time.”

Overall “Fiona” is a breezy single that illustrates Balko’s creativity and chemistry as a group.


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