15 June 2013

Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up

posted by: Jordan New Music Daily

Ok, maybe it won’t take over the world like Levels did, but this is pretty infectious. Folk gone EDM?

There’s actually been an unfinished version of this track rolling around the internet for quite some time, but here’s the official radio single from international DJ, Avicii, as he recruits Aloe Blacc for the vocals (good choice, Tim).

If anyone was wondering where I’ve been (this is Jordan)┬áthe past 5-6 weeks, I’ve been studying abroad in Asia. Exploring the different music scenes that China, South Korea, and Japan have to offer. I’m sure you could care less because I could care less if I were you. Watch this.┬áThis post was from Kyoto, Japan. Konichiwa, bishes.

Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up (Radio)


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