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SZA – Quicksand


There’s nothing better than stumbling across a surprise, off-album single from one of your favorite artists.  In this particular instance, I heard the smooth sound of SZA‘s Quicksand ring through my TV speakers during the season 2 Finale of Insecure (GREAT show, in case you’re in need of a new one)- and I raced to my phone to Shazam it.  SZA’s lyrics are so clearly rooted in personal experience that it’s impossible to not feel a connection to them,  and to play them out alongside the heartbreaking love story of Issa and Lawrence!! You can consider me completely hooked.

Check out SZA’s new single below, and if you dig it be sure to check out her debut album, Ctrl, and the Insecure Season 2 Soundtrack.


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Ashe – Used To It

Singer-songwriter Ashe released her debut single “Used To It” this week and it is electric. The single tells a story of a relationship that’s gone stale, and the constant fight to make it feel right again despite knowing the end is inevitable. She embodies this perfectly when she sings, “We ain’t really fighting about the f**ckin’ dishes and all the broken pieces that we’re never fixing”- damn right, it’s not about the dishes. Ashe delivers all of the elements of a summer hit on this debut and I’m eager to see what’s next for her. 

Check the single below and add it into your summer rotation!


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Emily Warren – Hurt By You

Hurt by You

Songwriter-singer Emily Warren is ready to make her mark as a solo artist with her debut single “Hurt by You.” If Emily’s name doesn’t ring a bell, her voice certainly will – her featured vocals and masterful songwriting are defining Top 40 music as we know it. I can guarantee you Emily’s been the soundtrack to your recent dance party or road trip, most notably with her features on the Chainsmokers’ Memories… do not open.  But her parallel path towards solo stardom is taking on a bit of a different shape, providing an opportunity for her to tell her own story. In her debut single “Hurt by You,” Warren uses her solo platform to remind her listeners to be vulnerable, and to fall deeper into love despite knowing that with deeper love comes the risk of deeper pain- advice I think we could all take. She produced a song that’s so incredibly fluid it’s hard to pinpoint a specific genre- and that’s the beauty of the track- it’s got hints of jazz, r&b, folk all strung together by Emily’s powerhouse vocals.

Give the debut single a listen below and/or catch Warren on tour with the Chainsmokers this spring!


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Clement Bazin- Distant

Clement Bazin- Distant

One of my absolute favorite things about music is its ability to transport you to a very specific moment in time, to a very specific feeling. Beyond that, I love how a song, when played the right context, can completely transform in meaning or value to you. “Distant”, by Clement Bazin is one of those songs for me. This was a track that made it through my hurried initial listen of new music Friday, earmarked for a complete listen at a later time. It is a track that I continued to overlook as a part of the under-appreciated soundtrack that plays in the background of my daily work grind. But it wasn’t until an early morning drive up to Tahoe, with the sunRISE in the rearview, that I fell hard for the groovy, feel-good vibes of “Distant”. I’m excited to have a song that will forever transport me to that epic drive, and also to see what is to come for Parisian producer Clement Bazin and featured artist Lia.

Sunset fam, I’m having a serious moment with this song and I would love for you to join me in that moment. Earmark this one for your next road trip or adventure, you won’t regret it.

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LANY- Good Girls

LANY- Good-Girls

Friday was a big day for LA-based trio LANY, with the release their new single “Good Girls” and the announcement of their self-titled debut album- hitting music stores & streams near you on June 30th. Let me tell ya, I am pumped. LANY is one of the groups that stole my heart awhile back and continues to leave me wanting more (I’m lookin’ at you, Paul Jason Klein). They are modern, they are raw, they are edgy- and if their live shows are any indication of what is to come, they are on the brink of something really, really special.  This latest release “Good Girls” is complete with the beachy pop-synth vibes that run throughout previous jams like “ILYSB” and “pink skies”- vibes we expect to carry through to debut album ‘LANY’. Check it out below, and see the full debut album track listing after the jump.

Full Track Listing of ‘LANY’, (singles in bold):

Dumb Stuff
The Breakup
Super Far
Flowers On The Floor
Good Girls
Purple Teeth
So, Soo Pretty
It Was Love

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Khalid – American Teen

Khalid American Teen

I can’t get enough of 19 year old R&B-pop rising star Khalid, who dropped the title track off of his debut album American Teen today. Set for release on March 3rd, Khalid’s debut is poised to be one of the breakthrough albums of 2017. His soulful sound and honest songwriting//storytelling featured in earlier releases like Location, Saved and Coaster, have helped the young artist carve out a space and a platform for himself within the crowded music landscape. His songs tell stories of love, heartbreak and hope- sharing wisdom that extends far beyond the teenage years.  The title track, American Teen, is an anthem that sets the tone for the rest of the album- listen below and keep an eye out for the full album release in early March! It’s going to be a good one, trust me.

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{Live Review} The Knocks Make SF Feel Good Feel Great

The Knocks Feel Good Feel Great Tour

NYC based electronic duo The Knocks brought much needed sunshine and summertime to rainy SF last night.  The disco-funk duo engineered an epic dance party, ushering wallflowers to the center of the dance floor via their latest EP Testify.

As a first time Knocks-goer, the only thing I knew to expect for certain was dancing and good vibes.  To my surprise, I truly feel like I witnessed happiness materialized.  One of my favorite things about live music is that it’s created this shared outlet for people to feel or escape or reflect- something we could all use a bit more of given the current state of the world. JPatt and B-Roc have clearly made it their mission to unite their fans and enable them to (feel good) feel great, albeit for just a night.

The show itself delivered a steady dose of energy throughout, taking fans through songs off of Comfortable, 55 and their new EP Testify, which dropped on February 3rd.   My personal highlights (outside of picking up one or two new dance moves) all came from their new EP,  where I feel the duo has really established their sound and allowed unique, up and coming artists to complement it. New songs  “Heat,” “Trouble” and “Worship” show a clear evolution of the duo’s sound to more dreamy & seductive compositions, while still maintaining their signature positivity and upbeat nature throughout. Witnessing the crowd’s response these jams makes me excited to see what’s next for both the duo and the artists featured on these tracks.

Dust off those dancing shoes & check out the full EP below!





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[EP Review] Troye Sivan – Wild

Let’s just call this at face value: Troye Sivan is on fire. The 20-year-old Aussie is a rocketship headed towards that supposed life on Mars, and you should probably consider getting onboard.  Since posting his first video on YouTube in 2007, Troye has become an online personality, connecting with his global fanbase through regular video diaries, social media interaction and new music releases. Troye is far from conventional, and his YouTube launchpad and social media noise should not divert you away from what we’re all here for: the music.

On September 4, 2015, Troye Sivan released his EP WILD via Warner Music Group. WILD is undeniably exceptional – a compilation of 6 songs that both stand alone and blend together to produce electro-pop magic.  In a highlight track “FOOLS”, Troye speaks of a kryptonite lover, one with whom you envision an idyllic future only to blame yourself when it shatters to pieces:

I see swimming pools and living rooms and aeroplanes
I see a little house on the hill and childrens’ names
I see quiet nights poured over ice and Tanqueray
But everything is shattering and it’s my mistake

Only fools fall for you, only fools fall
Only fools do what I do, only fools fall..

His lyrics are a genuine call for help, advice — “so what do I do now? I don’t keep love around” — he sings alongside haunting beats with Aussie singer/rapper Tkay Maidza on “DKLA”.  In his collaboration with the fabulous kiwi duo Broods, Troye pleads: “take me back to the basics and the simple life”- wanting to be put at “EASE”.  Don’t we all? I certainly do.

WILD is familiar yet intriguing; bold yet unassuming. Simply put, it’s the start of something big for the young Troye Sivan. I know you just met me, but trust me on this one.  You won’t regret giving this Internet sensation a listen.

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