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Best New Songs of March 2018

Due to some technical issues on our end, we were not able to provide you the first two months to kick of 2018. Have no fear! We’ve returned with Best of March. First playlist is the current month, and second playlist is an accumulation of prior months.

Best of March 2018

Best of 2018 (So Far)

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[EP] Joey Aich – If Money Grew On Trees

A picture is worth a thousand words. So here’s some screenshots.

Conversation with Joey Aich



Check out the EP already.

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Joey Aich – Meccas

Joey Aich is gearing up for the release of his next EP, If Money Grew on Trees. With the EP due out in a few weeks, he gives us a lastte taste of what to expect with “Meccas.”

Boasting a 90’s hip hop sound, Joey flexes his ability to keep it about the words. “Meccas” notably sounds influenced by Pabst & Jazz from one of Joey’s idols, Asher Roth. I can neither confirm or deny this statement despite my friendship with Joey, but wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.

If Money Grew on Trees: March 30th



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Best Songs of 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, this marks another year that we’re able to share with you the music that hit home. The beauty of what’s been compiled lies within the tastes of each contributor. Some are rap heavy, while others lean towards indie. It’s a unique playlist that’s crafted by us in hopes that you expand your digital (or physical) library. Continue to keep your ears open for artists, or genres that you have yet to discover. Finding the ~diamond in the rough~ has never been easier, and spreading the love is one click away.

As you think about your goals for the upcoming year, pay it forward by sharing music with those you surround yourself with. I challenge you to find one song on this playlist that you’ve never heard before, and send it to someone you think would enjoy it. The feeling knowing that someone appreciates a song recommendation is unmatched. At the end of the day, there is an absurd amount of talent in this world. Some have yet to crack 1k plays on SoundCloud, and others have the first name of Aubrey. Why not share it? Spread the love.

The Sunset Fam would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year. Stay safe, and have fun tonight.

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Best New Songs of November 2017

The first playlist is our favorite picks from November. The second playlist is all of our picks from March-October (since the inception of our Spotify playlist). Be sure to subscribe to our playlists on Spotify as they will be continuously updated each month!

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Thutmose – WuWu

Brooklyn based, Nigerian born rapper Thutmose drops your next catch phrase in the form of a song. “WuWu” is your new anthem, your new slang, your new lifestyle. Standing for “what’s up with you,” this bouncy, tropical sound will infect your brain waves and have you hitting the replay button. Hop on this one now before the band wagon takes off for Thutmose, or else you may regret it.

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Best New Songs of June 2017

Celebrate your 4th of July with SITR’s Best of June playlist! Throw this playlist on as your soundtrack on your boat, at your bbq, in your backyard, wherever, whenever! Your friends and family will be impressed by how in tune you are with current music.

Young Thug, Calvin Harris, and SZA all dropped albums to round out June. Summer music is officially in full force.

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Emmit Fenn ft. Nylo – Oceans

Emmit Fenn is back with “Oceans” featuring Nylo, which will be the last featured single before his debut Prologue EP drops in two weeks. This is a slightly different vibe than what we’re used to from Emmit because it features vocals other than himself, and is a little more upbeat. All that does is show the range that he’s capable of as an artist.

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Best New Songs of May 2017

NBA Finals game starts in five minutes. As a result, I don’t have much to say other than here’s this months playlist! #GoCavs

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High Rule – Someone Else

High Rule returns since the release of their debut EP with their new single, “Someone Else.” Sticking to their fusion of hip hop, electronic, and pop sound, they mysteriously return and touch on the culture that dating has become in 2017. The duo, Seis and Buoy, are something to look out for the rest of the year.

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Emmit Fenn – Woman

Emmit Fenn, and NoMBe, two of my favorite artists, link up for a hypnotizing effort that will seduce you. NoMBe provides the sexy guitar. Emmit continues to flex his genre-bending skills. Emmit has been steadily releasing new music at a good pace, so be sure to peep the older releases and stay tuned for the new ones.

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Best New Songs of April 2017

Can we all take a second to realize that Frank Ocean has been dropping singles left, and right? We went years without new music before Blond became a reality. Does this mean more Frank in the near future? Who knows. Kendrick also took over the Billboard 100 with every track off of DAMN. April was good to us. We shared what was so good about it below.

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