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Budo – An Elderly Woman Named Jeff


This young up and comer was introduced to me as a grammy nominated collaborator of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. My interest was peaked immediately, seeing as I am a huge fan of these two artists. I expected loud poppy hooks and RnB influenced themes – what I heard was nothing of the sort. I immediately recognized touches of Flying Lotus and even Radiohead in the mix.

My favourite part of the song comes in at 2:23, when it slows down into a piano breakdown that builds up immediately into an experimental smorgasbord of eclectic instrumentation and tasteful musicianship – NOT exactly what I expected from this, at all! Looking forward to more interesting sounds from this guy, for sure.

Here’s what Budo himself had to say about the production:

“An Elderly Woman Named Jeff is a battle cry. It is a shout to the heavens, a statement of purpose, and a thing of odd beauty. I haven’t released new solo music in over 2 years. Jeff is a song that celebrates a new direction, a new beginning, and a new way forward. This is independent music, made by me, for you. I humbly ask that, if you like it, you share it with your friends, family, co-workers, children, neighbors, and elderly companions.” – Budo

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Tupper Ware Remix Party – The Hit (Whaleskin Remix)

Tupper Ware Remix Party - The Hit (Whaleskin Remix)

The title of the artist at hand was what initially peaked my interest about this track. The more I delved into the background history behind the Tupper Ware Remix Party, the more I realized that these guys were true genius’s of our generation. Blending an obvious Daft Punk influence with a more 80’s style retro styling – together with a prog-rock energy that can’t be matched, the band has some serious potential (they’ve even been spotted on Canada’s Got Talent).

But hold up, this isn’t just another TWRP track – the tune has been remixed by nu-disco/house producer Whaleskin.

Lending his 4-on-the-floor disco sensibilities and retro synth gear to the mix, the vibes are then taken to a whole new level. Whaleskin exhibits a career of sexy disco remixes of friends but also a few originals, most of which are available for free download! Plug this shit in, and go for a drive ’cause the Sunset’s in the Rearview and  night-time’s comin’.

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Los Angeles is a breeding ground for big sounds and good times. Living together in the 13th Grade house are NGHTMRE and SLANDER – two trap producers that have taken festival season by storm. After having released many future bass collaborations together, blending genres and tempos, the two names are together once again on a huge track that spans the bass and DnB genres, aiming toward an energetic crowd, breaking free from a lot of the trends in electronic music taking place currently.

“The 13th Grade is a multi genre music collective consisting of producers, musicians, dj’s, and vocalists. With a catalog that includes various types of House, Hip Hop, and dance music, the 13th Grade is not afraid to transcend differing genres.

With the core group based out of the “Collective House” in Los Angeles, CA, the 13th Grade also has members in San Diego, Las Vegas, and London.”

Keep an eye on these two names, I’m sure that the future only holds huge things for them!

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Kygo – Nothing Left (The Golden Pony Remix)

Another addicting deep house / summer vibe jam from the prodigy producer duo hailing from NYC, The Golden Pony. These guys have got their shit together. Every time I see these guys in my feed, I feel the urge to play the damn track until it gets old. As a DJ, I also see great potential in every release these guys have dropped as far as live mixing goes, as well!

In my opinion, these guys should drop an EP of some sort. I’d like to see them branch away from the 4-on-the-floor house scene and maybe do something a bit slower – maybe some hip-hop / Odesza styled sounds. I think that they could pull it off.

Check it out, and tweet your thoughts on this one to us! @SunsetRearview

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Gramatik – Native Son Ft. Raekwon & Orlando Napier (Ramzoid Remix)

Hailing from the east coast of Canada, Ramzoid is a powerhouse of innovative production and curation. As co-founder of Soda Island, he has already established a unique roster of talented individuals, none of whom are following any sort of house/trap/dubstep/etc trend. It is completely inspiring to see such passion and consistency go into a group and I am very excited to see what’s next for these guys.

Of his own music, he has already garnered support from Skrillex and Nest HQ among other top shelf producers in the community, not to mention having gotten the nod from hip-hop god Gramatik on the official remix of “Native Son Ft. Raekwon & Orlando Napier”.

The sounds are pure gold. Bear in mind the dude’s 17 – not to be slept on:

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Rusty Hook – Drip

The first time I heard Rusty Hook was when he flipped Jack U‘s “Where Are U Now” – he’s honestly been pumping out so many tunes lately that it’s hard to keep up. I figured it was time to pay tribute to the bass god who’s been supported by such festival superstars as Zedds Dead, among others.

The young producer from Tolouse, France has been making his own mark. Utilizing dripping and scraping samples to portray an organic feel onto unexpected remix-ee’s as T.A.T.U’s “All the Things She Said”.  Check out his latest original, and enjoy the free download! Always good to cop that shit onto your iPod.

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SAINT WKND Feat. INGLSH – Lost (Runaway) (Original Mix)


I can’t believe summer’s winding down already. Time for overcoats, windy afternoons and colourful trees. I’ve been on the hunt for vibes that will let the vibe sink in smoothly – and once again my feed is filled with SAINT WKND, the prodigious “kid of ’94”. I can’t stop listening to this jam!

The tune dropped yesterday via Spinnin’ Records – and I must say that this is the first time in a while that I’ve jammed out to a Spinnin’ track. Not gonna lie, I find a lot of their tracks mildly cringey – this one, however, hits the spot.

Check it out!

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Sinead Harnett – High Wire (Wet Paint Remix)

Sinead Harnett | Wet Paint Remix

I’ve been following these guys for quite some time now, and I’m really impressed with the direction that they’re taking their music. Evolving slowly from a future funk sound to a more future bass / experimental sound akin to large festival banger producers ie. What So Not, etc. After reaching the US/Canada for a small tour, the duo are back in the studio now working on a full length – can’t wait for that!

This one’s got a sort of #OrientalBass vibe to it. I dig, for sure.

Dropped only about 3 days ago, I’m glad to have caught this release so quickly! You can find most of their discography available for free download at their website.

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Bon Iver – Skinny Love (JR Nelson Remix)

So melodic and chill – Washington’s JR Nelson has completely flipped the entire concept behind the famous Bon Iver song and created something truly unique. Perfect for days like today where the rain has been beating down for hours, and we’re all stuck inside chilling out as hard as possible until the sun comes out. Though this young producer is new, I’ve got a good feeling about him – I definitely sense big things.

I’ve been listening to this tune on repeat – I can definitely pick up hints of Odesza and Flume influences in the combination of arp and pad synths. Really cool stuff. I think you’ll dig it as much as I do:

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Pep & Rash – Red Roses

I was on the hunt for a great dance playlist for an upcoming gig I was spinning – when I stumbled upon a friends Soundcloud feed who had reposted a few of Pep & Rash’s tunes simultaneously. It caught me off guard, seeing as I don’t typically follow Spinnin Records (I usually try to stick to smaller underground acts, personally).

I’ve been pretty addicted to the new Jamie XX album lately, so by contrast this Pep & Rash release is pretty intense, but I’m addicted.

Check it out:

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Kill Them With Colour X Notorious BIG – Roll Wit Em

One more Biggie remix couldn’t hurt, could it? I think not! Kill Them With Colour dropped a silky flip of a classic and of course they killed it. I think it’s a great idea to remix songs that people will recognize and ideally sing along to at live shows.

Airing out a dark tropical hip-hop/slow-house vibe, the tune is definitely unique in it’s sound, and rhythm. Perfect for bouncing along down the street on summer nights.

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ØRKA – phantom

Move over Bon Iver, we’ve got a new hauntingly beautiful pop artist in town.

Not really, but I really do enjoy this track. Banjo and acoustic guitar wash over a low-fi white noise laden beat. Warm vocals glow overtop of this atmospheric tune, perfect for those hazy summer days.

I love it when artists strip their music down to the core elements – electronic music these days so busy. This talented artist really takes it back to the basics, which I love.

Check it out!

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