12 July 2013

As†ronomyy – Things I’d Do For U

posted by: Eric New Music Daily

Mysterious newcomer as†ronomyy didn’t waste any time to follow up his exceptional debut “Don’t Need U”. Less than three weeks after taking over the blogoshpere (and landing on our Best of June list) he returns with another excellent spacey R&B-infused cut, earning himself a spot as one of our favorite new artists.

The man we know simply as “Arron” (according to his Twitter page anyway) told The Line of Best Fit that this song was written and recorded entirely between July 2nd and July 9th, “so it’s as new to me as it is to the world. I’m keeping it fresh for now. It’s an escapism song, which is why it sounds a little dreamy and otherworldly.” That’s impressive. He could’ve easily sat back and watched the Twitter followers / Soundcloud plays pile up after his first song caught fire, but he jumped right back in the studio and proved he has the drive and determination to match his ridiculous talent. Sounds like a pretty decent recipe for success to me. Light a candle (or engage in a variety of other romantic activities) and listen to the ultra-smooth “Things I’d Do For U” below.


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