02 January 2012

Three Artists on the Dashboard: January 2012

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Oliver Tank Sol Lana Del Rey Artists on the Dashboard

Well folks, we made it. 2012 has come. There were rumors that the world was going to end on May 21st, 2011. But it didn’t. So that’s cool.

I don’t know about yall, but I’m really fucking excited to see what 2012 brings for music lovers such as you and me. This month, I’m going to be keeping my eye on three artists who I believe are only scratching the surface with their talent right now. These artists are going to be big. Quote me. It’s happened with artists we’ve chosen in the past (some include Fitz & The Tantrums, The Tallest Man on Earth, Yelawolf, Tennis, Childish Gambino, Odd Future, Cults, Youth Lagoon and more)

The three artists of choice this month are Oliver Tank, Sol, and Lana Del Rey.


Oliver Tank

Oliver Tank Picture

The day I stumbled across Oliver Tank’s music for the first time, I’m not sure I realized the enormity of my discovery. The fact is, Oliver Tank is only 21-years-old. He’s still in school studying music. Yet he’s simultaneously making a name for himself by releasing soft electronic songs sprinkled with his incredibly sweet voice and instrumentals that gently pluck at the strings of my heart. The experience is emotional but also grand–some songs represent nights spent on drugs and visions that crossed the mind of Oliver Tank. It’s easy to tell that we’ve found ourselves a young man with creative powers beyond his age, and Oliver is here to stay. The world is quickly falling in love with Oliver Tank, and it’d be in your best interest to join the pack.

MP3: “Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion” – Oliver Tank


I’m a firm believer that Seattle is one of the two cities that consistently produces the best indie hip hop music that the world has to offer (the other city being Minneapolis). Young rapper Sol hails from Seattle, and as Arjun has said, Sol “seems to be the chillest guy alive and his music reflects this–not because it’s lazy or anything but because it’s so easy on the ears.” I think he hit the nail on the head with this. A lot of people quickly discriminate against hip-hop because they consider it to be music that features people yelling and talking about their fancy cars or sexy women. Sol embodies the other side of hip-hop, the side that is often ignored by the masses. He presents a gentler form of the genre, and speaks about matters close to his heart. He expresses his true love for making music, and you can hear it in every song.

Quote from “Stage Dive” — So we live life like we can die from it/ So we stage dive like we can get high from it.
Quote from Sol Press Release — Making music is one of my favorite things in life, second to only one thing, sharing that music with the world.

MP3: “The Times” (ft. Grieves & Budo) – Sol

Lana Del Rey

lana del rey

Some people may see this and say ‘Ugh. Come on. Lana Del Rey has already made it.’ But if you step back and remove yourself from the indie scene for a second, you’ll likely realize that Lana Del Rey hasn’t stepped onto the biggest stages yet. She’s still relatively unknown to the masses, but she’s on the brink of something enormous. Her name is being tossed around by the likes of Kanye West, and her music is being drooled over by flocks of indie fans. Though to some, her fame may be controversial (note: she did call herself “a gangsta Nancy Sinatra,” and she is the daughter of a millionaire), one thing is hard to deny: Lana Del Rey is talented and about to make it big time.


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