06 August 2015

Artist Playlist: What Music is Fort Lean Listening To?

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Brooklyn-based Fort Lean has been churning out some incredibly infectious, freewheeling indie rock for the last year, and their profile is about to rise even more with the release of their New Hobbies EP and album Quiet Day later in the year.

In addition to putting out hits like “Cut to the Chase” and “Easily,” the group has also spent most of the summer on the road, touring heavily throughout the west coast and southwest.

To fill those long hours on the road the quintet has been consuming plenty of tunes, and they were gracious enough to make us a playlist of what kept them going as they cruised from Cambridge, MA to Tulsa, OK. Hit the jump to continue.

Be sure to check out “Easily,” the band’s latest single:

1. Harriet – Irish Margaritas

This song should be huge. The arpeggio that drives it, the synth sounds, the vocals. I’ll listen to this song forever.

2. White Reaper – Make Me Wanna Die

These dudes hit a great ratio of rawness to popness. It’s really gritty and really catchy.

3. David Vandervelde – Nothin’ No

A forgotten gem from the 00’s that makes excellent use of sitar.

4. Kuroma – 20+Centuries

Starts exciting and stays exciting, another band that more people should be aware of.

5. Cleaners From Venus – Only A Shadow

Such a cool and weird song. I could listen to this over and over and over again.

6. Caribou – Eli

A tightly structured dose of psychedelic pop. Dan Snaith is a master at enveloping his songs in a bouquet of awesome sounds.

7. Frankie Knuckles – Your Love (12″ Mix) [Remastered]

Quintessential early Chicago House from 1987, and clearly a source of inspiration for many contemporary electronic acts. Such great synths!

8. Gengahr – Heroine

We checked out their record while on tour recently and I was immediately into it, which is rare for me. Super smart English guitar rock.

9. Seven Davis Jr. – Good Vibes

This came out last week and it’s sick. Awesome dance music at a runaway tempo.

10. Tei Shi – Can’t Be Sure

Lush electronic textures matched by equally lush vocals, this is probably my favorite track off of Valerie Teicher’s excellent new Verde EP.


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