03 May 2014

Artist Picks: What is Alice Boman Listening To?

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Alice Boman first came across my radar with her song “Waiting,” which immediately gave me the chills. It reminded me a lot of the song “You and Me” by Penny and the Quarters, made famous by the film Blue Valentine. It had that same vintage, warm feel to it. Since then, Alice has released a handful of other songs that all give me that same feeling – we’re not alone even on our saddest days. She’s one of a group of artists today who are making what might be worth calling alt-misery, and she stands out with her minimalistic approach.

When an artist really captures my attention, it’s fun to find out who inspires them to make such powerful music. Alice Boman fits the bill perfectly, so I asked her to take part in our Artist Picks feature. I can hear bits of who I think Alice is as a person in the music she chose. Take the song “Please Stay” by The Cryin’ Shames, for example, which mirrors the sadness and old-school vibe that Alice weaves into her songs – it’s really neat to see the similarities.

Artist Picks is a series we do where we turn the tables and ask artists for their current music recommendations. It’s a fun way to discover art that’s inspiring creators, rather than just hearing the opinions of influencers like myself. We ask the artist to list 10 songs that they’re currently listening to, tell us why they picked that song, and we put together a playlist with all of their picks plus our favorite song by that artist him or herself.

Hit the jump to listen to Alice’s picks and read her explanations for each song.


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10 Songs Alice Boman Is Listening To:

1. Bon Iver – “Beth/Rest”
 I just can’t get enough of this song and I don’t think I ever will. It makes me calm. That whole album is so good. 

2. The Cryin Shames – “Please Stay”
Oh, the sound in this one. The organ! 

3. The Lijadu Sisters – “Come on Home”
I have such great memories to this song from last summer. It always makes me happy.

4. Amason “Ålen”
A Swedish song. Just listen to those drums, that synth bass and that voice singing that melody – such great contrasts. The sound is perfect.

5. Bob Dylan – “Baby, Stop Crying”
Dylan is one of the best! I love this song, the feeling, this record. And the choirs in the refrain. Me and my friends always sing along in those.

6. Kate and Anna McGarrigle  – “Talk to Me of Mendocino”
This song kind of breaks my heart each time I hear it. Their voices together.

7. Jaakko Eino Kalevi  – “No End”
The beat, the sax, his voice. Love it. Makes you wanna move.

8. Townes Van Zandt – “If I Needed You”
This song is one of my absolute favorite ones. So simple and great. It is perfect. To me, Van Zandt  is one of the greatest songwriters.

9. The War on Drugs – “City Reprise #12”
Just love how it begins low and then grows and keeps growing. One of those songs perfect for driving in a car.

10. Julee Cruise – “The Nightingale”
Twin Peaks!


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