20 July 2013

AOSOON – What Is This About? [EP Stream]

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily

I think out of all of the genres or sub-genres of music the female singer-songwriter, acoustic type is the most difficult to be successful in. Maybe the creation of YouTube made the whole idea of “lonely yet incredibly attractive girl strumming a guitar” sort of played out and clichéd. Yet true music sees no genre and does not mess with social standards. True music shines despite context, and this AOSOON EP is true music. We previously posted about the talented Brits this past week with the release of their single and EP highlight “Under.” AOSOON stands for “A lot Of Something Out Of Nothing,” which is fitting because most of these tracks are built on a stripped down foundation and the natural nuances (possible indie band name?) of their lead singer’s voice. So in other words, press play.


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